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Customer Testimonials

  • It was so convenient for me though I am not a technical person, I liked the fact that it is very easy to download and use. Your Advanced Rating & Review Plus is really a wonderful module.Your product Advanced Rating & Review Plus module has given me solution Hats-off to you. Keep focus on the current needs
    - Barry
  • Just thought I'd write to let you know that Prestashop Advanced Rating & Review Plus was the best module I've works without any problem. Also I love your live support. Keep up the good work!
    - Kacy

PrestaShop Advanced Rating & Review Plus is an extension for Product Rating Review for Prestashop based ecommerce stores. This module integrates with the PrestaShop eCommerce Software and facilitates the buyers of websites to give ratings and reviews to the purchased products for different criteria defined by the store administrator. The admin can manage the reviews submitted by users and can configure whether admin approval required or not to publish user reviews. The ratings given by users can be viewed in all pages of the products listing.

The administrator can also configure the rating unit scale’s text as they wish ( Marvelous for 5 stars, Excellent for 4 star etc.,). Instead of having default text the module can be configured for product to product differently. Admin can also select the reviews given by user in bulk in one shot to publish. The Product Detailed view page can be viewed with detailed review statistics as like Amazon Rating i.e. rating count for each star scale along the average rating. Language Translation facility for rating texts, product attribute is also available.

In addition to the Product rating & review the buyers can also post their reviews to Facebook wallboard along the product image and URL of the product with their review comment. The visitors can able to give feedback instantly using the thumbs up or thumbs down style interface through AJAX.

  • Registered User & the user who bought the product can post rating & review.

  • Visitors can give feedback on reviews they read through thumbs up/ thumbs down.

  • Graphical Star rating display.

  • Multiple language support

  • Customized text for rating scale units.

  • Customizable product rating criteria for different product - so flexible rating/ review facility based on products.

  • Facebook Post of review along product image, product URL and user comment

  • Average Rating display in product listing pages.

  • Overall rating display in Category Listing pages.

  • Overall rating display in Product Search listing pages.

  • Overall rating display in Offer listing pages.

  • Overall rating display in New Products listing pages.

  • Overall rating display in Products by Manufacturer listing.

  • Overall rating display in Best selling products section.

  • More detailed statistics graph display of ratings received as like Amazon rating.

  • Individual rating count for each scale unit.

  • User review listing in review tab.

  • User rating and posted date in reviews tab.

  • Admin configuration to auto-publish reviews.

  • Admin control to allow user reviews publish/ not.

  • Admin control for Facebook post require/ not.

  • Admin control for User Thumbs up require/ not.

  • Custom text for each scale unit configuration.

  • Bulk select and approve reviews