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Ecommerce has been growing at a very high speed worldwide in recent years. Social networking websites and e-commerce sites such as e-bay come within the purview of C2C solutions.

eGrove Systems C2C solutions offer sellers with the means to list their items and services for sale. Purchase inquiries and requests can be received and tracked through the website. Buyers, in turn, can look through listed products and services and place purchase orders online. The money transactions are carried out directly in websites through different online payment systems like PayPal, Authorize.net etc., between the buyer and seller. Our solutions include back-office interfaces that you can use to monitor and manage the website.

  • Effet du soleil
  • Eden
  • Snail on the Corn
  • Effet du soleil
  • Eden
  • Snail on the Corn

Important features or functionalities of the C2C web application of eGrove are:

  • The same Customer can act as both buyer as well as seller
  • This online market place will allow buyer to browse products by using different criteria like
    • From your city,
    • Best Sellers,
    • Most Popular Product
    • And different other search criteria.
  • The buyers can purchase products from multiple sellers.
  • The significant feature of our C2C project is we are come up with the Item wishlist functionality.
  • In this buyer can represent the Product list they are wished to buy.
  • Different sellers can bid on the products wish list item listed by the buyers – what they are looking for, so the buyer can get different best prices & offers from sellers.
  • This market place enables sellers to sell their product by registering into C2C website.
  • The Social media linking functionalities includes, Community or forum discussion and blog and other social media website links interface.
  • The back end interface includes the features for administrator to manage, buyer & seller accounts, Payment Setting management and Gallery Setting etc..,

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