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Social Media integration is becoming very famous this year as it offers organizations a variety of ways to leverage their users to communicate your message. Conveying tools that permit information to broadcast through social networks in novel, thoughtful ways is one of the best uses of the Internet today. As social media marketing grown-up and starts playing a better role within marketing campaigns, businesses are beginning to see that social media can be integrated into many channels. There are nearly 500 million current users on Facebook nowadays, and the amount keeps increasing. Organizations can use tools for issuing information about their activities into social network portals as a means of power that user base, and do so in a highly personal way that becomes part of the user profiles within those networks.

eGrove Systems offers refined solutions that integrate straightly with social networks. Our services vary from simple content publication approach which can be implemented without a large investment of resources, to more advanced application development that involves collaboration tools and other systems for in-network interaction.

Our Services

  • Developing Social Media applications for Facebook, Twitter etc., and integrating to the corporate and/ or personal websites
  • Integration of social media interaction tools into existing contact management software, monitoring and reporting tools.
  • The ability to make available subject matter experts or customer assistance personnel via social networking sites.
  • Efficient information sharing via blogs, chat groups community tools integration
  • Automated update of presence status and conferencing abilities through social networking sites such as Twitter.

Benefits of Social media Integration

  • It provides real social interaction to motionless corporate sites, showing real world customer contact
  • Boost probability of customer interaction by allowing them to 'login' faster using their own login.
  • Fast sharing of content through this Social media integration.
  • Allow your users links to increase relevancy by suggesting content and products and thereby increasing rate of action.
  • Companies want to extend unique features onto social networks (like the most popular content on a corporate site) to increase interaction


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