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WordPress Themes are used to create a unique look for your Wordpress site and to take advantage of templates, template tags, and the Wordpress Loop to generate different website results and looks. Wordpress Themes provides templates for specific site features, such as category pages and search result pages. They are also used to quickly switch between two site layouts that allows site owners to change the look of the site.

Templates are PHP source files used to generate the pages requested by visitors, and are output as HTML. Let's look at the various templates that can be defined as part of a Theme. Each theme is made up of template files. These template files includes .jpg and .gif images, style sheets or .css, custom-made template files, custom pages and any type of code files .php.

eGrove Systems Corporation's WordPress Development Team have experience in designing and developing quality rich Wordpress themes and templates. We have a vast experience in simple blogging themes to highly complex themes like for Social Networking Themes. eGrove follows coding standards in WP theme & template designing such as following structured codes, error free PHP, clean and valid HTML & CSS, inline comments, documentation.


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The technical advantages of WordPress themes,

  • Our WordPress Development team can give alternative templates for different features of website such as search results or category pages.
  • Theme developers can take advantage of templates, template tags, and the WordPress Loop to generate different website results and looks.
  • Developers can give the website a unique look by developing WordPress theme.
  • Developers can use style switcher to switch between two site layouts.
  • A WordPress theme allows customization of the website functionality according to the theme.

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