Py Group Deal

First Python based Groupon Clone Script

  • Py Group Deal - group buying script loads faster and has an appealing User interface! Modules and Features that you can’t resist!
  • Introducing the only Python script based “Py Group Deal” Groupon Clone script.
  • Intensively tested and highly appreciated by the Admins, Merchants and Users as well!
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Features you need to create a successful group buying Deal Site:

Payment Gateway Integration:

  • PayPal Pro is the ideal payment gateway for product purchase.
  • PayPal Pro will be most suitable to authorize the initial stages of the deal.
  • Upon reaching minimum subscriber levels, the Authorized deals will have to be captured.
  • In case the ‘Deal end’ is crossed even before the Minimum subscriber count is reached, “Do Void” will be triggered to Automatically Nullify the Authorized payments by the end of the ‘End-Day’.

Mass payment option:

  • Multiple user payments can be simultaneously processed using ‘Mass Payment’.
  • Upon successfully reaching the pre-set maximum deal count, all user payments can be processed.
  • Mass payments can be processed.


Reports Generation for the Merchant:

  • Merchant login has an option to generate extensive information reports in a easy comprehend XLS (MS Excel) format.
  • Reports provide precise and detailed information to the merchant about any selected product.

    • Subscribed user name
    • Date of subscriptions
    • Name of the product
    • Payment / transaction details

Admin Report generation:

  • The site administrator can generate the reports for the entire product range with following details.

    • Subscribed User name
    • Date of subscriptions
    • Name / range of the products
    • Payment / transaction details

Product Display:

Category wise:

  • Option to display products by the category.

City wise:

  • Available Products can also be displayed by city.

Newsletter Subscription:

  • Option to enable the user to subscribe to information about a particular product. Upon successfully subscribing, the user gets updates on the product in his inbox, whenever the merchant or Admin updates the product.

Refer friends:

  • Option to refer friends by using ‘share our link’ and ‘comments’ features.
  • Option to refer more friends by importing contact list from the user’s Gmail account.

Couponcode generation :

  • Option for the Merchant to create a coupon code.

    • Coupon code contains information on the value of the coupon and validity.
  • The merchant then sends this coupon codes to the user’s email id.
    • The Merchant has the option to check the status of the coupons issued.
    • Used and Unused coupons can be tracked.

Other Salient Features:

Facebook Login:

  • User can sign-up / login using Facebook account.

Gift Option:

  • Users can now gift ‘Deals’ to friends
  • The Admin Control Panel is used to
    • Change the main product image.
    • Setup upcoming deals.
    • Activate a single product or a group of products available for a specific period for users from a particular city.
    • Upload product videos.
  • Option to display Image Slide show for deals.
  • User can view their Gift history anytime.
  • Option to crop the image that has to be displayed.
  • Merchant can add city specific products.
  • Merchant as well as Users can view the deals (Available, Used and Expired deals)