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Our Service

eGrove Systems offers different plans to customers who can use India development facility for their projects by paying fixed amount per month or hour. Customers can enjoy the availability of vast talent pool and cost advantage by hiring full-time Dedicated Resources from eGrove Systems. We have a team of experienced Software Engineers with different skill sets in areas ranging from Web Design and Web development to Business Analysis and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services. You can choose the best dedicated resources from our team for your needs and budget.

The full time resource will work solely on your projects as per your guidelines and schedules. You can keep track on the progress of the project by viewing the daily or weekly progress reports. Here's what you will get:

Advantages of hiring dedicated resources with eGrove Systems

  • Cost-effective resource solution, working just for you
  • Technical expertise at different experience levels; select resources based on your requirement
  • Timely and easy communication through email, chat, phone, instant messengers and skype
  • Total access, control and transparency over your project
  • At least 8 Hrs/Day, 5 Days a Week of working
  • Daily/weekly reporting as per your need and method
  • Simplistic coding and documentations using our talent pool with experience in industry's best practices
  • Back up Developer in case of unavailability, availability of additional resources
  • High Bandwidth Internet connection : Multiple 1 & 2 Mbps lines
  • Latest hardware and modern infrastructure