Christina plays a role of Senior Business Analyst at eGrove Systems Corporation. She joined the organization in 2010 bringing more than 5 years of technology leadership, project management expertise and business solution abilities. She was rewarded as the "Best Performer" and awarded as "Beracah Found Leader" in 2010. A self-starter and positive thinker, she assists eGrove with a business model that makes integration with modern technology effortless.

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    10 Reasons Behind the Popularity of Magento 2.0 Development

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    Xero (Online Accounting Software) API Integration

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    Choose the best Magento edition for your online store – (Magento 1.9 Vs Magento 2.0 )

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  • Solr implementation using Django-Haystack

    Solr implementation using Django-Haystack

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    Objective Implement Apache Solr in Django for rich search options. We can integrate Apache Solr with django using Haystack. In this first setup we need...