Nandini Krishnan

  • eCommerce industry

    The curious grey areas of the ecommerce businesses!

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    The eCommerce industry is growing each day with retailers realizing the inimitability of owning an online store. This development of the eCommerce industry is primarily...

  • Mobile Apps for Kids

    Mobile Apps for Kids – A Healthy Option?

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    Summer holidays are just beginning for schools across US. Are you one of those working parents’ who leaves your children with mobile phones to be...

  • Bug

    What is a Bug? Why do Bugs occur?

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    A software bug is a coding error that causes an unexpected defect in a computer program. In other words, if a program does not perform...

  • Interview Tips

    Interview Tips to succeed in IT industry

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    IT industry has evolved tremendously over the couple of decades and recruiting here is not left behind. Businesses are not anymore just IT-friendly, rather IT has become an inevitable...