Dealing with daily challenges that arise in the organization is as fun as playing cricket in the ground. Loaded up with multitasking skills along 9 years of experience as HR in Consulting, Retail, Hospitality, and IT. Suren assist eGrove's business to function at it's best. He is the mind behind all smart recruitment and hiring decisions within the organization.

  • employee-engagement

    Five Quick Tips To Improve Employee Engagement

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    Employee engagement describes the level of emotional involvement and enthusiasm employees demonstrate for their work, and how that influences their performance and willingness to further...

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    10 Ways To Effectively Create Fun In The Workplace

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    People wish a “leadership refresh” in their organizations. Employees want leaders who are pleasant, understand their needs, can genuinely inspire people and know how to...

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    How Listening To Music Increases Your Productivity, Efficient And Better At Your Job

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    For several people, music is a way of life. For me, it's therapeutic escape from the harsh realities and the beautiful unknowns of modern-day living,...

  • Egrove systems - Interview Tips

    Use of Blog in Recruitment Industry

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    The recruitment industry is a multibillion dollar industry and man power is required in every enterprise and industry. However, the way consultants are used is...