Yassar Saleh

  • python-groupon-script

    Python Groupon Group Deals Clone Script

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    About the Script: We welcome you to start discovering your own group buying website by introducing the only Python script based “Python group deal”. A...

  • Cosmetics & Perfumes

    New Templates and Modules Launched by Module Bazaar

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    Good news! Your online store is no longer going to be the same. To make your site look more safe… more secure… more appealing… and...

  • PostgreSQL

    How to Install and configure PostgreSQL on Centos/RHEL

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    Install PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL-server packages [root@egrovechn]# yum install postgresql postgresql-server postgresql-contrib Configure PostgreSQL Database Server Initialize the cluster first with initdb command: [root@egrovechn]# service postgresql...

  • Open Source ERP

    New Era of Open Source ERP in Project Management by eGrove Systems

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    ERP, the new challenging throb of project management has sneaked itself into a wide array of organizations and enterprises today. Starting from the MNCs to...