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  • magento development

    10 Reasons Behind the Popularity of Magento 2.0 Development

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    Magento 2.0 has got plenty of attention since its release for Enterprise and Community Editions in late 2015. The new release got much attention in...

  • Xero API Integration

    Xero (Online Accounting Software) API Integration

    Post Views: 11,657

    In general, Xero API Integration entrant in developing field of cloud-based accounting, and the company’s developers lead the curve with product updates every 3-6 weeks....

  • magento 2

    Choose the best Magento edition for your online store – (Magento 1.9 Vs Magento 2.0 )

    Post Views: 23,636

    Choosing the appropriate platform for building a website is the foremost important aspect. Magento is the best choice, and there are no two ways to that. Two...

  • solr implementation with Django

    Solr implementation using Django-Haystack

    Post Views: 108,105

    Implement Apache Solr in Django for rich Web search options. Undoubtedly, bad search utilities disturb the visitor traffic for websites.  Therefore, never take your search utilities...