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WordPress Secured Payment

WordPress Secured Payment Process through Paypal Gateway

A payment gateway service allows businesses to authorize payments made by debit and credit cards. It will encrypt the card number and holder information before it sends it across the internet. It is the most important part of any online business. In order to help the online store merchants, the eCommerce business industry offers more than thousands of payment gateways. Each payment gateway is designed to meet the requirements of the merchants and the customers. In this article we are going to see about the secured payment process on the WordPress website through PayPal payment gateway.

WordPress is the popular content management system (CMS), which powers more than 60 million websites on the internet. It is the only CMS that has more numbers of WordPress Plugins and themes in the globe. The powerful and a flexible content management system of WordPress is written based on PHP and MySQL. NASA Ames Research Center, BBC America, Harvard University Gazette, Bluelounge, US Army, Toronto Standard, Sony, MSNBC TV, Yahoo, The New York Observer, The Mozilla Blog, CNN, and many more websites are built based on the WordPress. The installation and the customization of WordPress is very easy. The attractive themes of WordPress provide the stunning look to the website. WordPress attracts more number of users towards it, because of its simplicity, flexibility, publishing tools, etc. It is combined with many social networking sites to increase the visibility of the WordPress website.

WordPress won many awards. One of the important award is, “Open Source Web App of the Year Award at The Critters”. It has 29,079 plugins, 2,240 themes, thousands of developers and the designers. The dedicated developers developed many WordPress Payment Plugins to make the payment process in the WordPress very simple and safe. WordPress is easily integrated with many payment gateways such as PayPal, First Data, eWay, PayBox, Authorize.net, PrimoPay, Voguepay, PayZippy, Pay2Pay, DPS PxPay, Google, HDFC payment gateway, etc. PayPal is a secure payment gateway which processing thousands of payment transaction in the eCommerce industry for each and every second of a day. It has many years of experience in the payment processing industry. Through this, the merchant can able to provide the safe and an effective payment strategy. It has more than millions of users in all over the world.

PayPal processes the payment transaction on the eCommerce website at an affordable cost. It provides the free payment processing services to the merchants for the limited payment transaction which are made in the merchant account. After that it charges $5 from the merchant for the payment services. PayPal attracts many merchants towards it, by its wonderful types of payment services. Each service fulfils the needs of all the merchants. PayPal integrated with the WordPress to provide a secure payment process in the WordPress eCommerce store. The WordPress PayPal Payment allows the customer to pay using their credit cards and process the payment through the PayPal payment gateway. For the entire payment transaction, the customer can stay on the merchant site. Without redirection, the customer can complete the full payment process.

PayPal supports “Authorize & Capture”, and “Authorize only & Capture later” feature. It provides the iframe to the customers to enter the credit card details for the payment processing. It processes the payment in a secure way, so that the customer can feel very comfortable and safe when he buying the products from your website. It will boost the customers to buy more products from the store. The PayPal payment gateway will increase the sales and the customers of your WordPress website.

Download: WordPress Paypal Payment Advanced Module

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