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Elite Loyalty app (ELA) is a SAAS model loyalty app which contains ELA mobile app compatible with iOS & android platforms and ELA web application. ELA comprises offers like Coupons, Deals & Reward Point. It is significantly designed to improve customer retention by repeatedly attracting them to your store. Elite Loyalty app is ideal for all kinds of business of invariable size. With the help of ELA, merchants can promote their business to the next level & reach out to their customers’ smartphone easily. ELA web application helps retailers to handle the Deals, Coupons & Reward Point products. Also, makes way for analyzing spend data & creating targeted offers.

ELA includes the latest push notification & Geo-fencing technology to promote merchants’ offers and stores by informing customers via smartphones. Using geo-fencing technique, merchants can define their store boundary using the map; this alerts customers when they are near the store and within the specified boundary.

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Merchant Benefits

ELA Dashboard


A feature rich clutter-free dashboard that’s packed with data and information helping you keep track of your clientele and to stay more focused on the business. ELA Dashboard graphically displays in real time

  • How your customers are interacting with Loyalty Program.
  • Accurate details on how many times a client (or a group) have used their coupons & deals that have been effective.
  • Graphical representation of coupons & deals hit.

This analytics gives you enough data to infer how each of your campaign (deal) is received well by your customers.


Easily track and manage your customers’ data using simple web backend. You can import your existing customers to our ELA backend. Using ELA you can create customer groups based on their purchase trends, age, gender, demography and other parameters.
Customers List

Offers List


Manage your Loyalty & Rewards Program from the convenience of your laptop or desktop. Easily track, monitor and manage your Rewards including Coupons, Deals & Reward Points. Assign the offers like Coupons & Reward Points to the targeted customer group.


If you have a chain of stores or affiliate storefronts or outlets, your customers get to know of these better and ELA brings them closer to your business. ELA provide an option to manage various branches & you can define the boundary (either in mile / graphically define the boundary points using map) for notification services.



ELA offer different kinds of notification features for you

  • Push “Deal of the day” or other time sensitive offers to clients directly into their Smartphone thereby increase chances of business from the customer.
  • Location-based notification – Your customers are nearer to you / within your boundary (specified in backend) ELA push the notification alert “Your store is nearer to him.”
  • You can push the general notifications like greetings & wishes.

Easily Configurable

You can update (merge) data from your store to The ELA dashboard remotely through our robust APIs & also import you existing customers & branch data through CSV file.
Easy Configuration

Customer Benefits

Customer Benefits

  • Personalized coupons & deals.
  • Redeemed & reward point history.
  • Get offers from you nearest location of stores.
  • Store Locator – Google map view
  • EWallet – allows your customers to store their loyalty cards on smartphones. No more bulging wallet or lost cards
  • Instant push notifications for newly created offers

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