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Is your site “Search Engine Friendly”? This is a term that can be used to index the site in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Running a successful business in this competitive market is not so easy. You have to spend more time and money to get the perfect solutions for your business success.

Your business website should speak for your business and should have the potential to attract the maximum of customers. If you failed to create an SEO friendly website for your business, then search engines will give low rank for your website in the result page. This reduces the traffic of the site and also the sales of your business.

Why create a search engine friendly website?

Your website will be continually optimized by the search engines, based on what you do with your site. It is important for your website to be found by people who are looking for, it’s content, therefore you must serve content to search engine ‘bots’ in a way that they can interpret, analyze and identify how relevant it is to the search query.

If your website is optimized in a proper way, then you need not worry about the traffic of the site. A well-optimized site will be displayed on the first page of the search engines. That means, it shows your site to the users and increases the traffic.

How to tune your site to more search engine friendly?

When you create your website, you have to pay attention to things like content, keyword phrases, design, and layout.


If a user needs to know something means, he immediately visits the search engine site and enters the words in the search box that related to his search topic. The search engine will display the site based on the content which is typed by the user. If you want your site index on the search engine, you should use the content, which is unique, updated, and relevant. Sites that are duplicated are pushed further down the rankings and can be discarded completely.


Keywords play an important role in the search engines. Use the keyword-based on your content to easily crawl by search engines. Make sure that don’t overuse the keywords because this lessens the quality of the content.

Site Maps

A site map is just a map of your site. It makes navigation easier, defines the structure and informs Google, Yahoo, and MSN. It is not essential it can make all the difference, especially if your site is new or if you have recently updated pages, which you should have if you are keeping your site fresh and unique. Most site editors automatically generate Sitemaps but if yours does not, then it is easy to find an online sitemap generation tool. Once you have it then all you need to do is submit it.

These three simple tips will increase the rank of your site in search results. Making your site more search engine friendly will certainly enhance your chances of success.

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