Project Description

Client is a popular taxi service provider, which enables customer and drivers to communicate through mobile applications for smooth services. The challenge is to enable the customer to pay for the service via mobile app through their Ecocash payment solution. However they don’t have provision of SDKs or other development support for Hybrid Mobile Application. eGrove Systems was engaged to provide Mobile payment gateway integration with Hybrid app.

Features Implementation

  • Authorize and Capture, Authorize only & Capture later, Void Transactions using USSD Push protocol.
  • Support for iOS and Android (Kitkat and above versions) platform.
  • Secure functions using authentication methods.
  • Subscription model Payment Transactions.
  • Notification message to automatically notify merchants of events related to payment transactions.
  • GPS tracking system to track the child’s location in real-time.
  • Fetch all transactions for a customer between a date ranges.
  • Function to check service availability of Payment gateway.
  • Faster response and listener through mobile application.

Technologies Used

Python 2.7, PyPi, Angular JS, JavaScript, JSON, XML, USSD Push, Phone Gap, SQLite, MySQL, Java Script, HTML5, CSS3

Client Background

250Taxi is a convenient mode of transport & best Taxi services running in Rwanda and Kigali. 250taxi is providing easier, faster and more reliable way for getting and riding on cab. With this app, client is expecting the payment processing goes digital & online.


  • eCommerce
  • Payment Gateway
  • Mobile Payments
  • Phonegap

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