Project Description

Client hired a developer for data mining from different social websites like Facebook. This social data mining was implemented using Django framework. The script will fetch profile information from websites like Facebook using Profile URL associated with the user account. User can upload a sample CSV that contains the profile URL’s for which the information needs to be fetched. Selenium script was developed to fetch social profile information and built a database of user profiles by category, interest, geography location, business etc. The built profile information of users can be exported into CSV with a provision of selecting the required columns.

Features Implementation

  • Implemented Social account dynamic rotator for fetching profile information using Selenium.
  • Implemented Bulk CSV profile URL upload option and will mine data on bulk.
  • Admin user can manually provide URL for fetching information and after a buffer period automatically start reading the Profile information.
  • Implemented Status change algorithm to set status for each profile like Yet to Scrape, In progress and Completed.
  • Administrator user can able to export profile information on bulk as CSV file.
  • Administrator user can able to delete uploaded profile URL’s on bulk.
  • Administrator user can able to view list of uploaded profile URL’s with pagination.
  • Administrator user can able to update profile information manually.

Technologies Used

Python, Django, Selenium, Social Profile Account switcher, Windows 2008, PostgreSQL


  • Data Mining
  • Social Media


  • UAE


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