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Bispectra is an Odoo based eCommerce website. The website interfaces with Odoo back end and fetch the product catalog information, customer profile information and saves order information into the Odoo ERP. The website also offers promotions and deals for the products in the catalog. The website also features bidding and online auctions for the products listed in the website. All these eCommerce functions are implemented with the help of Django Odoo Connector that interconnects with Odoo back end. The front end of the website was implemented using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and the back end uses the PostgreSQL database.



  • Integrated Stripe payment gateway.
  • Implemented Quotation module for auctions.
  • WKHTML pdf package to create E-mail template for quotation.
  • Implemented customer dashboard to view the purchase history, auction history etc.
  • Implemented seller dashboard with catalogue management, my account etc.
  • Admin will have the authority to accept/reject seller registration request to upload their products.
  • Seller will be able to add the list of products in their seller panel after admin approval.
  • User will be able to view the product details and seller profile information in product detailed page.
  • Implemented auction module where customer can bid for any product and get the best deals.



Python 2.7, Odoo ERP/ eCommerce, PostgreSQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Node JS, Angular JS, Stripe API, WKHTML PDF


Bispectra website is an on-line eCommerce website for selling the products directly or through auction sale to grab user attention.


  • eCommerce
  • Auction
  • Marketplace
  • ERP


  • United States
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