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At eGrove we place an emphasis on adopting the latest technology to solve complex problems for our customers. Being one of the early adopters of AngularJS, we have always looked at surpassing the benchmarks through our innovative and specialized application development services. eGrove’s iterative development approach, along with continuous integration for delivery, testing and deployment has greatly improved delivery quality and time. We have delivered feature rich applications like social interaction websites, chat applications, single-page eCommerce websites, and more. As a top-rated AngularJS company, we fully understand our customer’s business requirements and translate into meaningful, intuitive applications.

AngularJS is Google’s toolset for building the web framework most suited to your application development. AngularJS allows us to extend the HTML features for our application, thus resulting in an expressive, readable, and quick-to-develop environment. AngularJS offers more control through data-binding for automatic updates to the view whenever the model changes and vice versa.

Why choose AngularJS?

Facilitates Best Programming Practices

Directives that support reusable components and REST API connections use much lesser bandwidth and enable requests via HTTP

Overall Faster Development

Implements a two-way data binding process that requires fewer lines of code compared to other frameworks thus ensuring faster development

Highly secure web application development

Use of the HTTP interface, either through a web service or a REST API, helps avert security loopholes and attacks

Dependency Injection

Helps inject dependent functionality into modules at runtime thus relieving a component from locating a dependency and makes dependencies configurable.

Responsive and Scalable

Develop fully-responsive and scalable single-page apps that renders appropriately across multiple devices and platforms

Real-time testing

Supports real-time testing that proactively optimizes performance and tests the application comprehensively

Code Reusability

Reusing existing code helps build complex, responsive web applications faster

Our AngularJS development services include

  • AngularJS Custom App Development
  • AngularJS Frontend Design
  • AngularJS-based UI/UX design
  • Single Page Applications using AngularJS
  • AngularJS website development
  • Cross-Platform application development using AngularJS
  • Legacy Systems data migration services
  • AngularJS support & maintenance
  • AngularJS Testing Services
  • AngularJS eCommerce Development

Hire our dedicated AngularJS developers

We offer flexible AngularJS developer hiring plans. You can hire our AngularJS developers for a month and or even a week. 

  • Developers with 5+ years of experience
  • Full stack developers
  • Faster delivery
  • Unmatched quality
  • Follow best practices
  • Clean coding structure
  • Affordable rates


Immaculate data binding services
Immaculate data binding services
Ensure time bound completion of AngularJS development services
IoT developers
Adherence to best app practices & procedures
Make sure security compliances
Security Compliance
Dedicated QA team that offer high end quality services
Dedicated QA team that offers high end quality services
Offer immaculate 24×7 issue tracking mechanism
Offer 24×7 issue tracking mechanism
Efficient HTML vocabulary extension mechanism
Efficient HTML vocabulary extension mechanism


We are a professional AngularJS development services company and have been able to garner acclaim among clients by extending our array of immaculate AngularJS services in a highly satisfied and time bound manner. Moreover, our efficient team of professionals hold wide expertise in offering these services.