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Elite Site Optimizer (ESO) ensures maximum website optimization with focus on thorough SEO audit, website performance and website accessibility. The SEO website optimization includes: Keyword rank analysis, streamlining on-page metrics and complete internal link analysis. The website accessibility and performance in this tool takes care of end-to-end usability metrics such as UX score, code audit, PDF audit, responsiveness, URL check, HTML elements, AMP, Website Security and Content quality. Website accessibility is gauged carefully by Elite Site Optimizer based on standards such as – Accessibility (ally), Web Content Accessibility (WCAG), Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA), Authoring Tools Accessibility (ATA), Language Accessibility and Mobile Accessibility.

Apart from this extensive tool for website optimization Elite Site Optimizer offers digital marketing services and custom crawler development.

End to End Optimization
Site Dashboard

Site Optimization Dashboard

ESO’s standard dashboard presents a snapshot of SEO elements such as – ranking status, on-page optimization issues, internal link errors and visibility score.  Additionally dashboard provides an overview of the website accessibility, UX and performance. Further more – our dashboard also offers top level information on traffic too. Other important drill down information on aspects such as canonical attribute, missing H1 tags, images with no ALT tags, domain speed, and performance information and more can be obtained from On Page SEO Element Extractor .

Web Performance Analysis

The web agencies/ SEO professionals can make use of this Web Performance Analysis feature to keep a track of their domain’s performance in different search engines, different mobile platforms. This section helps your analyze your web channel from three major aspects:  One – UX, Accessibility and Web performance, Second –  Code audit based on W3C standard and PDF audit and finally – instant On-page audit. Simply key in the desired URL and access the plethora of metrics for useful Site Optimization.
Website Performance Analysis
Link Checker

Link Checker Analysis

The Link checker Analysis offers data about the links and their status in the domain. ESO’s Link checker analysis provides details about:

  • Informational links
  • Successful links
  • Redirected live internal links
  • Client error links
  • Server error links

Further the Link Checker section provides data on Backlinks vis-a-vis competitors’ and average ranking data.

Analytics and Top Action Items

ESO integrates with the Google webmaster account and Analytics account in order to provide significant data such as Search queries report, Top performing pages, Domain traffic data by preferred landing pages, by social networks and by search engines. Other top action reports you may yield from this function are: Branded Vs Non-Branded keywords report and Missed SEO Opportunities report. 
Analytics and Top
Rank Analysis

Rank Analysis

This feature helps site owners understand their web channel and their performance based on the following ranking metrics: Basic ranking, comparative ranking, page-wise ranking, mobile ranking in case they have a mobile site too and Zeroth ranking.  

ESO Ranking Analysis provide you with insightful data to make informed decision about the magnitude of the content changes you may have to undergo in order to sustain good ranking and improve poor ranking.

On-Page Analysis

The ESO’s On-page analysis provides data about the strong and weak sections of your SEO across all the pages of the domain. You may leave the daunting task of hunting for the SEO troubles to Elite Site Optimizer and invest your time in strategizing to improve ranking of your website on search engines. This website optimization tool crawls all the html elements of your website and catches page-wise issues. The target keywords are analyzed and presented in comparison with your competitors data in this section. 
Onpage Analysis
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