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How businesses can transform their digital experience

  • Transform your business operations using cloud-based digital solutions
  • Run your day-to-day business anywhere, everywhere
  • Scalable, Agile solutions and no more disruptions
mobile app development

Low code mobile app development

Place mobile apps in your customer’s hands with quick Go-to-Market,

  • Native mobile applications
  • Hybrid/ Cross platform applications
  • PWA web applications
marketplace application development

Scalable marketplace application development

Step up your eCommerce venture with our

Scalable yet secure multi-vendor marketplace web and mobile application development And intelligent composable business solutions
website optimization

A complete website optimization

Increase traffic, leads and business with our Cloud SEO software

  • Optimize website performance
  • Monitor internal links & backlinks profile
  • Create quality, original content
  • Support the next generation semantic web with knowledge graphs
  • Clear, comprehensive ranking, traffic and other audit reports

“Location independent business solutions with end-to-end Digital Transformation services”

We’ve got answers to all your needs to run a successful business under one roof!

eGrove Systems is a leading digital transformation product development organization headquartered in New Jersey. Our development facility is ISO 9001:2015-compliant and approved for its Quality Management System, and is also ISO 10002:2014-certified for Customer Satisfaction and Quality Management. eGrove Systems is home to high-profile technical experts spanning across four main divisions of its business. We help businesses including Small, Medium & Startup businesses develop applications rapidly and at low cost using our services:
  • Business Process Automation,
  • Secured eCommerce development,
  • Software Product Development,
  • Managed SEO,
  • Managed IT & Infrastructure Security,

Our Achievements

eGrove achieved a milestone of 10,000 downloads in Module Bazaar – its Online Marketplace for eCommerce Developers
Elite Site Optimizer – with its business intelligence capabilities makes website owners invincible and streamlines their SEO
Elite mCommerce – a game-changing mobile app builder with minimal technical dependencies, with our latest EMC release

Three great things in one go! – a hassle-free, secure, and all-in-one Paypal module in Module Bazaar

Seamless service to customers and quick ROI for store owners with our ready-made grocery app from Elite mCommerce – the next-gen mobile app builder and Cloud eCommerce application
eGrove is part of the MSP Program serving the State agencies of DE, PA, MI, IA and DC

eCommerce  business wing of Egrove

Module Bazaar
eGrove’s eCommerce solutions are diverse and ultimately aim to bridge all the gaps between businesses and their customers.

Apart from eCommerce web development, eGrove has built an online module and extension marketplace under the brand name Module Bazaar. Module Bazaar was sculpted with the goal of inspiring young and enthusiastic eCommerce aspirants.

eCommerce offerings from eGrove Systems use the best available eCommerce business models. We also offer headless/ microservices-based secured, scalable, eCommerce solutions. These offerings give you end-to-end capabilities that work with multi-channels, inventory, warehousing, transaction processing, back-office support, customer engagement, and merchandising. Our custom eCommerce web solutions cover all your specific requirements and provide support for constant growth.

mCommerce and mobile app development

eGrove delivers a broad selection of mobile app development and mCommerce solutions on the SaaS cloud. eGrove has cultivated Elite mCommerce as a brand that is synonymous with “next-gen mobile commerce solutions”. Elite mCommerce capitalizes on the latest innovations in mCommerce business processes in order to give clients a competitive edge in their respective business niches.

eGrove has also introduced IoT, user behavioral data-based solutions, privacy enhancing computing, distributed cloud mobility capabilities and delivered some unique and challenging projects, adding new feathers to its cap. Our solutions help businesses run with resilient delivery to make them less prone to disruptions.

mCommerce mobile app development

The strategic partner for all your digital marketing needs

As proven digital marketing experts, eGrove has built SaaS cloud website optimization tools and digital marketing-related services to help clients transform their businesses into truly digital-driven enterprises and to empower them to capitalize on the digital revolution to innovate, differentiate, and grow beyond boundaries.

Elite Site Optimizer’s website optimization tool has pioneered the advent of Business Intelligence and data visualization in search engine optimization. This website optimization tool helps website owners identify the right metrics to streamline their SEO.

The primary digital marketing services that eGrove offers are: Managed SEO services, Performance-based SEO services, Managed social media marketing services, Website performance optimization, Accessibility audit services, Mobile search engine optimization, App store optimization, Content marketing and Custom crawler development.

Enterprise IT Services

In addition to our primary business divisions, eGrove focuses its attention on providing superior enterprise IT services in the areas of application development, product engineering, business process automation, Natural Language processing, Business continuity solutions, BI and data visualization services, and end-to-end IT solutions. eGrove possesses a multitude of technology expertise such as PHP development, Python development, AngularJS development, Headless development, Microservices development and experience serving as a strategic partner. The state-of-the-art technology applied by eGrove Systems in its application development helps clients achieve enhanced customer responsiveness, optimized productivity, and efficiency in their business processes.

eGrove’s BI and data visualization services utilize advanced techniques to help the data interpreter to generate an overview of massive amounts of information across multiple divisions in a well-formatted display. These are predictive, comprehensive, and can be easily monitored. The visualization techniques include infographics, charts, gauges, pie charts, heat maps, bar charts and other forms of data interpretation presented to clients in an exhaustive manner.

Enterprise IT services

Latest Press Release

Elite Site Optimizer version 3.4 rolled out with Content Audit capabilities

 Keeping visitors engaged on websites was challenging for businesses until eGrove Systems launched their new Content Audit tool. “Many businesses were left puzzled when visitors kept leaving websites even though they had invested in developing an attractive website.

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Businesses Relieved with the launch of powerful Project Management and Document Management Solutions

eGrove Systems Corporation launches its integrated time tracking and agile project management services. See what’s new in their Document Management Solutions

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Elite mCommerce v.3.4 now released: introducing new eCommerce features that help grow online sales

The Elite mCommerce mobile app builder has released version 3.4 with new features for improved user experience, flexible shipping, customization features

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Elite site optimizer version 3.3 released - comes with intriguing features - sitemap generator, regression checker, schema markup validator

eGrove Systems released Elite Site Optimizer version 3.3 with intriguing features sitemap generator, regression checker, schema validator – website optimization.

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artificial intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence Plays a Role in Ecommerce to Convince Shoppers to Buy

Our buying patterns, the products we like, and our shopping habits are no longer a secret. Any retailer can know about the products we are interested in just by track.

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Project Management Software

Techniques to Improve Your Results Immediately through Agile Project Management Software

Online marketplaces have become really popular in today’s modern age. The best examples of the online multi-vendor websites that we see today are Amazon and eBay..

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Python app development

7 Types of Apps That Can Be Developed with Python

Python is getting more popular day by day as a programming language. The reason for it being used by many proficient developers worldwide is the support libraries present in the language

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5 Recent trends of marketplace development to improve your e-commerce business

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