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What is Cloud

Cloud computing is a popular technology that allows users to access on-demand computing resources via the internet instead of purchasing and maintaining their own physical hardware and infrastructure.

Cloud Service

The Benefits of Cloud


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Why eGrove

Why Egrove?

As an AWS Partner and Cloud Managed Services Provider, Egrove provides you with the resources, expertise, and tried-and-true processes you need to achieve your goals at any scale or growth stage of your cloud journey. Egrove works with you to transform your cloud environment into an agile, scalable asset that adds value now and in the future.

Cloud Managed Service

To help simplify the build process and efficiently manage the infrastructure, we are offering our clients the following services.


Infrastructure Design

Design the Infrastructure based on the customer’s needs.
Implement the design into production and support the further changes.


Cost Optimization

Controlling your cloud expenses begins with optimizing your resources. We continuously monitor your AWS environment and help you eliminate the identified underutilized and idle resources.
Recommend RI(Reserved Instance) or Savings plan based on the predictable workload with a known amount of usage to optimize cost.
We will purchase RI or savings plan based on customer needs.


Database Migration

We will do database migration by leveraging AWS service.
Reduce risk and Ensure data accessibility.
Proactive Tuning, Optimization, and Support for Your Databases.
Common End-of-Life Upgrades and Support for SQL Server, MySQL, MangoDB & More
Optimize Your Database with Our Expert Recommendations.



Secure and protect data across all the AWS Cloud services.
Monitor and routinely scan the cloud infrastructure for any possible compliance issues, security flaws like if any brute force attack is occurring or not on our servers from the attackers.
Secure your infrastructure environment.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Minimize downtime, protect operations and ensure resources for business continuity.
Maintain the backups as per customer’s needs. We set the frequency of backup based on the resource criticality.
We are recommending the following AWS disaster recovery strategies based on the customer needs:
1. Backup and Restore
2. Pilot light
3. Warm Standby
4. Multi Site



We will implement CI/CD by AWS services and also Jenkins.
We implement a Dockerised environment and orchestrate it by Elastic container service (Container orchestration).
Manually performing repetitive provisioning tasks increases delivery time as well as potential errors. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) can eliminate these problems while improving “time to live” and consistency.


  • 24/7 Support.
  • Extremely helpful approach from our certified AWS consultants.
  • Ability to fully understand customer challenges and deliver the required solution.
  • We have a friendly approach and responsive communication.
  • Consistent, Reliable, and Strong customer service team.
  • Professional and efficient service.