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True Dads


eGrove Systems developed a mobile app for True Dads. It is a Non-profit community News Mobile App that provides news, information, and tips for fathers on parenting and raising kids. It was developed as a native mobile application with content management features. The content for this app is managed from the backend of the website.



  • Design and Prototype Development for Mobile app screens.
  • API development using Python Django REST framework and API validation.
  • Content Management Screen with home page custom design layout.
  • Category based news navigation and browsing.
  • Interactive form for submitting information about personal profiles and receiving related tips.
  • Web and Mobile Push notifications.



Python 2.7, Django 1.7, MySQL 5.5, Objective-C, Android Java, Eclipse, XCode, SQLite


There are a lot of pressures. The days can be long. There’s not always enough of you or enough money to go around. You want to be a great dad and provide well for your family but don’t always know the best way to do that. TRUE Dads is a new FREE resource that puts the three keys to being a successful dad all in one place. You’ll join a group of dads just like you who face the same challenges. You’ll have a chance to learn the latest skills in being a great dad. You’ll have a chance to work on your most important relationships. And you’ll get access to job skills and leads that can help you make more money for your family.


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