Database Administrative services

Database Administrative services

Database Administration (DBA) at eGrove provides enterprise-wide Database Administration-related services. The Database Administration service provides reliable, secure, and cost-effective database administration that includes maintenance, monitoring, and backup. Database administration team works to provide a service in the most reliable and efficient manner.
To implement the systems, technologies, and services that you desire, eGrove database administrator team offers expertise and support in two areas:

  • MySQL Server
  • Postgre SQL

In tough economic times, in-house database administration can be problematic for variety of reasons, including reduced IT budgets, employee turnover, leave, or other reasons for declining head-count.

One of the most compelling reasons for many companies to turn toward outsourcing the DBA function is that, firms are looking to maintain or improve their competitive advantages. One way to do this is to utilize eGrove database management services.
Depending on your requirements, eGrove’s expert and certified engineers provide both operational and production database administration services.

Features & Benefits of eGrove Database Administrator Services
  • – Expertise
  • – Effectiveness
  • – Maintenance
  • – Support

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