Website maintenance services

We at eGrove systems use content management systems to ensure that our clients can learn or apply updates internally but even so many people have difficulty finding the time to make the necessary changes to their websites so that the site is a match for what both the fast paced world of the web and for the success growth of their business. Getting a website developed is just your first step towards reaching out to your potential customers.

The degree of dynamism involved in the industry environment today just makes it inevitable that your website remains unchanged or unaffected. This makes it imperative that your website is frequently updated in terms of information present to ensure that your visitors get a revitalized impression on every visit. Retaining your existing and loyal visitors’ attention and also give your new visitors the latest information about your services.

We completely understand the importance of the above mentioned criteria and specialize in offering to our clients Website maintenance service.

The Following Services are involved in the Website Maintenance service based on the Service package
  • Features
  • Cost
  • Database Backup
  • Code Backup
  • Content update
  • Website Traffic
  • Server and Web Hosting
  • Software upgrade & security update
  • Bug Fixing
  • CMS Upgrade
  • Browser Compatibility Issues
  • Critical Incidences
  • SEO
  • Silver Package
  • $99/Month
  • 2 Hrs /Month
  • 2 Pages/ Month
  • Platinum Package
  • $299/Month
  • 20 Hrs /Month
Database Backup:

Taking weekly backup of the database. If the website is data rich one like an ecommerce website with huge volume of transaction per day then it would be advisable to take the daily back. This is limited to a Max of 1GB and anything above this limit will be calculate & pricing will be given by the Customer support service (CSS) Executive.

Code Backup:

In case if the website been hacked it would be great if we have code backup. So on every code update in the server we can take the code backup. This is limited to a maximum of 5GB and anything above this limit will be calculate & pricing will be given by the Customer support service (CSS) Executive.

Content update:

Any content in the website can be updated which includes the existing multimedia files like video, audio and images. In case if it is a ecommerce website, we can add few products manually. If it is bulk, then this can done using CSV import. We provide content update based on the package selected, For Silver package maximum of 2hrs/month, for Gold package maximum of 10hrs/month, for platinum package maximum of 20hrs/month. New function Implementation will not be considered under the content update of the Website Maintenance service.

Website Traffic:

Monitoring the website traffic using Google and send monthly periodic report.

Server and Web Hosting:

Monitoring the plan of web hosting and server and inform in prior about the expiry dates.

Software upgrade & security update:

If it is a dedicated server, then we can track the software installations and upgrade it monthly.

Bug Fixing:

If there is any issue in the existing code, it can be fixed, when it is developed by us. It is eGrove system’s discretion to support/fix the Bug for codes developed by others and the bug fixing charges will be calculate by the Customer support service (CSS) Executive separately over than that of the Website Maintenance service Package chosen.

CMS Upgrade:

In case, if the website has been build using any CMS like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, prestashop, etc., then we can upgrade it whenever the new version is available (Provided the existing website is compatible for version upgrade).

Browser Compatibility Issues:

Fixing of browser compatibility issues if any exist. Ensuring your site’s compatibility with IE6/7/8 and Firefox 2/3 on a PC is commonplace in website maintenance. Checking some of the recent released browsers like Opera, Chrome, Safari and Firefox for PC, Opera, and Safari will be checked for a Macintosh. All these above features will not be covered for the mobile devices/gadgets.

Critical Incidences:

Any critical issues like, failure/hack attack it should be solved as soon as possible.

Critical Incidences:

Canonicalization of the website is an import task in the SEO part of the service. Providing Meta Data and SEO Friendly URLs (For a Maximum of 2, 5, 10 pages/ month for Silver, Gold, Platinum respective packages). Checking of Site Structure or Architecture for comfortable navigation. Integrating the website with Google Analytic and Webmaster accounts and regular site map update. Creation of Robot.txt and Ht-access file for redirection purposes.

Turn Around Time:
Packages Turn Around Time
Silver Package Min 24 Hrs to Max 48 Hrs
Gold Package Min 12 Hrs to Max 48 Hrs
Platinum Package Min 2 Hrs to Max 48 Hrs
Website Maintenance Packages Includes the following services also
    • Additions or deletions of Text and photos with basic retouching
    • Additions or deletions of Web pages using existing webpage design
    • Basic navigational changes (add, move or delete an item in the navigation)
    • File Downloads: Additions or deletions of PDFs and other documents
    • Videos: Insertion or deletion of pre-edited video
    • Links: Additions or deletions
    • Color and Background Images: Changes/replacements
    • Flash: Text-only changes and basic photo replacement in Flash animation
    • Forms: Dynamic form layout and integration (limited to forms not requiring database integration, such as a Contact Us form)
    • All Standard Support: Help with e-mail set-up, etc.
Following is the list of some additional chargeable services over than that of the three ( Silver, Gold, Platinum ) services Packages are listed below
  • New Webpage Designs, Creation of webpage not based on existing webpage design of the site
  • Navigation restructuring or redesign: Extensive changes to the site’s navigation
  • Extensive/complex photo re-touching or manipulation
  • Video editing, compression or manipulation
  • Sound editing, compression and insertion
  • Flash animation revisions or additions other than text and image replacement
*Please note: this list is an example of the services not included in the website maintenance services Packages. This is not a complete list.
Broad Tasks Covered Minimum Time Maximum Time
Database Backup 5 min 2 hours
Code Backup 30 min 8 hours
Content update 1 hours 20 hours
Website Traffic 10 min 30 min
Server and Web Hosting 4 hours 10 hours
Software upgrade & security update 1 hours 4 hours
Bug Fixing 1 hours 20 hours
CMS Upgrade 1 hours 8 hours
Browser Compatibility Issues 1 hours 4 hours
Critical Incidences 2 hours 12 hours
SEO 2 hours 10 hours
Additional Webpage Development 1 hours 8 hours
Image Changes/Additions 15 min 2 hours
Technical Troubleshooting 1 hours 4 hours
Debugging 1 hours 8 hours
CMS Troubleshooting 1 hours 4 hours
Promotional Updates 1 hours 4 hours
Banner Design 2 hours 4 hours
Pop-up Creation 1 hours 8 hours
Flash Changes/Updates 1 hours 8 hours