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You have good great company. You also have a website that highlights your products and services. In addition, you have hired a good SEO consultant to ensure your site has high page ranks and maximum visits.

Is that it? NOPE.

Recently I tried to understand the algorithm used by Google and was surprised! It now appears that Google has integrated freshness of contents and media buzz into algorithm. This move many have been missed by some old school SEO consultants who still consider keywords, meta-tags and page titles alone will help in increasing the page rank.

Having said freshness of contents and media buzz, how do we go about it?

Blogging seems to hold the key.

It is observed that social signals from Social Networking sites – Facebook, Orkut, Foursquare and the like, are vital for page ranking. Google seems to be gripped with human-generated signals (responses) which indicate relative popularity based on various types of social interactions.And we need to understand that Google has shifted its focus to include Local Social Strategy with its Google+ Local.

Social interactions on websites?

Yes! Commenting, tweeting, re-tweeting, posting, reposting, sharing, liking, email links, votes, check-ins, pressing play on embedded videos et al. These are some of the user interactions that Google could actively consider for ranking a page.

To read between the lines: Links and references from Social Marketing media are increasingly important for Search Engine Optimization. Now, can we afford to overlook this?

Don’t miss out on Activity

So, how do I keep the contents fresh and create a buzz on the Social Media: activity.

It now appears that Google has now changed the rules of the game. Visitors can no longer remain visitors. They need to interact with your page/site. Their activities will have direct impact on your page ranking. And we, as site owners and site administrators need to keep the visitor engaged. Your site can no longer afford be just static or dynamic pages with FYI contents!

One of the easiest ways to keep contents fresh and to induce activities: start blogging!

Blogs Are Vital. Blogs are page rank boosters!

It now appears that Google gives an unusual degree of ranking value to blogs. Surprisingly, even if the blog is fresh out of the box.Google’s spiders seem to be on the lookout for newer posts and newer contents. Content Management sites based on blogging platforms seem to spiral up the page rankings leaping over their non-blogging platform sites!

Online merchant? You got more to do to get more!

If you are the owner of an online store, you got to do more but in a slightly different way! Have modules that integrate with Social Media wherein your customers can rate, like, comment, share and refer to products. Moreover, you need to have some active blogs about the products and services that you offer.

Now how do we do it?

Assign someone within the company (who has better understanding of your operations / industry) or hire an agency that can regularly keep posting and encouraging a loyal audience.

Follow this post to know more on how Social Media Marketing buzz can be consistently maintained by blogging.

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