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EAST BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY, US, December 9, 2021 / — Keeping visitors engaged on websites was challenging for businesses until eGrove Systems launched their new Content Audit tool. “Many businesses were left puzzled when visitors kept leaving websites even though they had invested in developing an attractive website,” said the CEO of eGrove Systems Corporation. “As experts in Website Design and Optimization, we quickly went through the website of one such business who approached us and immediately found that the website content was unalluring. Many parts of the website were also not accessible by search engines too. Manually checking all the webpages for such content across a website was also tedious. We wanted to give customers the comfort of automating the process of checking their website for poor content and came up with the Content Audit tool” he added. The content audit report checks Spellings, Content accessibility, Rich-snippet presence, Readability Score, Social presence, Content Statistics, Content performance and tone of content of a website.

There are a multitude of things that go into building a successful business website. All businesses focus on building a beautiful website that attracts visitors and start expecting good sales from website traffic. There is little or no importance given to the content that goes into the website by owners. The first hurdle websites fail to clear is boring content. Long sentences, complex words, dense content sections, misspellings are some of the culprits that result in poor content.

Spelling mistakes always make the website appear negligent to visitors. Ensuring exceptional content that does not contain such issues is crucial to drive more traffic to web pages and improve user engagement. Elite Site Optimizer’s Content Audit tool is equipped with a powerful content scanner that runs through the pages and checks for misspelled words. Great content will not only excite users and will also give them a great opinion about your business.

Checking website pages individually can be tedious. Elite Site Optimizer has the bulk proofreading option where you upload the list of URLs to be scanned in CSV format and it scans them in a whiz. It is very important that website visitors are able to comprehend what value your business can add or the problem you are trying to solve. Elite Site Optimizer’s Website readability score does exactly that and tells how easy it is for visitors to read and understand your website content.

The Content Audit tool can also identify if your content has the ideal total number of words, number words in every paragraph and the average sentence length. Ensuring that these numbers are maintained optimally will keep your customers glued to your website. This will also result in increased conversion of visitors into customers. Elite Site Optimizer’s active voice checker smartly checks sentences whether they are in active or passive voice and gives a report on the tone of the content on your website. Based on the report you can modify the content that is in passive voice to improve content quality and win your audience.

The content audit tool helps you identify if the website is accessible by search engines by checking if the HTML robots meta tag has been correctly configured. Content Audit checks if your web page content contains Rich Snippets or not. By using structured data within your web page content you will achieve a higher search engine page ranking.

Elite Site Optimizer’s content audit gives importance to social media presence by checking if the relevant social media tags are available in your webpage. Open Graph tags and Twitter Cards can help to represent the webpage and its content on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, but they can only be used if the tags are enabled on the web pages. This ensures that the content you present to social media is clear and readable for social media viewers. Apart from these, the Analytics and Search Console allows webmasters to analyze your web page performance in the last seven days. Elite Site Optimizer gives information on important site metrics like Total Sessions, New Users, Exit Rate, Bounce Rate, Avg. Time on Page, Impressions, Clicks, and Number of search queries. These metrics help you understand the user experience of your website better.

Content originality talks a great deal about a website’s quality and a brand’s trustworthiness. Apart from the standard features, users can choose to add Plagiarism checker to their subscription which is a premium feature. Plagiarism checker scans your pages to find if any of your content has been taken from any other website. The plagiarism checker also helps you identify if any website is purloining content from you.

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