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Modulebazaar- All About Building a Marketplace

Modulebazaar is overwhelmed to announce that it has revamped itself as a marketplace now. This gives an opportunity to expand the business by finding new customers and suppliers from this new community. Buyers can inquire, compare and research a product offered on a marketplace without dropping it. This ability of this B2B marketplace to give the key information required to make a purchasing decision helps buyers to take a quicker buying decision. It provides efficient navigation, searching and integration capabilities to organize and publish product information as well as enable real-time handling of business processes related to buying and selling. There are other benefits that a company can receive from participating in Modulebazaar marketplace:

For buyer participants, it offers:
Lower transaction costs– streamlined transaction processing.
Access to distinct suppliers– B2B marketplace participation eliminates geographical limitations, and grants access to new suppliers.
Time savings– presents for active approval, requesting processes and delivery tracking.

For suppliers, it offers:
Reduced inventory costs– Clarity and forecasting capability allow companies considerably decrease inventory keeping costs.
Access to new buyers and markets– This marketplace provides a new sales channel which opens up many new opportunities for suppliers.
Increased sales– with access to a wider market, suppliers have the potential to increase revenue.
Reduced overhead costs– Thanks to streamlined supply chain overhead costs can be reduced up to 30 percent.
Reduced order processing costs– The solutions of a B2B exchange may enable sellers to reduce order processing cost significantly.
Reduced sales and support costs– By automating sales and customer support processes, companies can reduce overhead costs around 25-30% easily.

About: is an online platform located in Parlin, New Jersey. Our quality control team reviews every script, module, theme, plugin or extension before adding on our marketplace website. More than 6,000 websites are powered by Module Bazaar products in various technologies. Our product collection covers various areas including Payment Gateway Integration, Product Promotions, Shipping, Merchandising, Drop-ship integration, ERP and Third-party API integration, SEO, Social Media and more.
So Get started with Modulebazaar marketplace today!
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