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Now experience a multi-dimensional view of your SEO data

eGrove Systems, a pioneer in the SEO arena have announced the release of Elite Site Optimizer 3.0, a state-of-the-art SEO automation tool powered by Tableau.

The Elite Site Optimizer version 3.0 will help organizations in boosting website traffic through weekly reports on on-page issues, appropriate identification of top performing web pages & top action items and comprehensive keyword rank analysis. To add on, ESO is integrated with the competent reporting capabilities of Business Intelligence which will help in better understanding SEO processes and present complex data in the most exhaustive dimension possible.

Release Highlights:
Elite Site Optimizer 3.0 is dovetailed with the capabilities of Business Intelligence, this will contribute towards predicting website traffic and visitors behavior.
“We understand that SEO plays a pivotal role in the online success of every organization. Elite Site Optimizer is engineered to help you make data-driven, smarter decision in optimizing your website. We firmly believe that weaving the Tableau’s BI with ESO 3.0 will be a breakthrough in the SEO space enabling the digital marketers to scale the usability of SEO data.” said Krish Govindaraj, Chief Executive Officer, eGrove Systems.
This tool will equip organizations to fetch insightful reports giving a detailed, granular and multi-faceted view about the many aspects of the web page. Elite Site Optimizer with BI aims to drill down and scrutinize the web page behavior and efficiently track the desired metrics to make informed decision to improve the overall website traffic.

Integral Features of Elite Site Optimizer:
Elite Site Optimizer 3.0 has been built to tap the following primary angles of Search Engine Optimization apart from regular site audit and on-page issues: Missed SEO opportunities, Keyword rank analysis and Internal link analysis.

All the features and functionalities of the ESO have been thought from perspectives of SEO professionals, digital marketing agencies and Small and medium businesses. Hence this tool will serve as a complete SEO data mining tool with quantitative and qualitative dashboards and reports.

Benefits of ESO 3.0:
ROI – With Elite Site Optimizer in place immense time spent on manual efforts to monitor the traffic parameters will be reduced and the time can be utilized for strategizing new business development and operation
Improved efficiency – No more random SEO efforts. With web-page performance metrics in front of you, your team can channelize their efforts on needed areas of improvement
Seamless automated reports for desired metrics

“Our goal is to help organization feel under control of their SEO data and thus feel empowered to make informed decision and construct concrete strategies to stay ahead of the competition” says enthusiastically- Sarmila Anbumani, Principal Engineer of eGrove Systems.
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About eGrove systems:
eGrove systems is a pioneer in the ecommerce space and Digital Marketing. Headquartered in New Jersey, eGrove Systems delivers the best-in-class solutions specific to the client requirements and industry vertical helping them to attain their business goals, effortlessly. eGrove Systems has engineered other products and delivers several other services in different facets of Information Technology.
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