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Elite mCommerce mobile app builder’s new features include point-of-sale integration, new payment types, delivery options, and multi-vendor marketplace

PARLIN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, August 6, 2020,/ — Elite mCommerce, the eCommerce mobile app builder from eGrove Systems, is releasing its latest version with new features for convenient mobile commerce. When asked about the new release, the Product Manager was exuberant. He said, “We are really excited to come up with this release. We had seen traditional Brick and Mortar Store Owners hesitate to take the step towards selling online. We learned that they were worried about managing their existing Point Of Sale (POS) and eCommerce sales separately. We have launched Elite mCommerce 3.3 to address that pain point by making handling in-store and online sales through a single platform a reality.”

Release Highlights

Syncing Retail Stores and Online Store to Manage Business as One

Elite mCommerce 3.3 is the next-gen mobile app builder with the features required to start selling online with an integrated POS. It serves as an easy launchpad to setting up an eCommerce store with the business’s existing POS so they can manage sales from a single location.

Products and Inventory Sync

The new Elite mCommerce helps store owners sync their products and inventory across multiple store locations with ease. This will eliminate the need for daily manual reconciliations between the stores to keep track of the inventory

Avoid Additional Staff

Elite mCommerce’s POS integration removes the need for additional manpower performing duplicate entries to transfer inventory, update product images & descriptions, and combining sales figures. It also reduces the potential for errors and discrepancies between the online and physical store listings.

Cross-Channel Promotions

Another new feature lets Elite mCommerce unify the collection of customer data across multiple sales channels and run cross channel promotions and offers to increase sales. Users can design customer loyalty programs that encourage customers to shop and accrue loyalty points on both channels. This improves customer engagement and customer convenience.

Unified Reports

Elite mCommerce’s reporting functions have been improved to display sales across different channels. Elite mCommerce provides unified insights and analytics on sales and customer purchasing patterns that help out-compete rival sellers.

Curbside Pickup

Increased usage of mobile apps among customers and the current pandemic has made customers opt for Curbside Pickup as a safer ordering option. Customers can order their favourite products and choose to pick up their orders at the curbside of a store or restaurant.

Scheduled Contactless Delivery Slots

Business owners can now plan their orders efficiently by letting customers choose their preferred delivery slot when placing orders. Customers can select a Contactless Delivery option for convenience and to reduce the chance of spread of any infection.

Image-enabled push notifications

The new version supports sending push notifications to app subscribers on their mobile devices. Image-based push notifications are more appealing and engaging, leading to a better click-through rate and more conversions.

E-Wallet system

Customers can now use digital wallets on eCommerce purchases in Elite mCommerce apps, reducing the dependence on credit cards.

Referral Points

Customers can earn referral points when they refer their friends to use a business’s mobile app to make purchases. They can then redeem these referral points as discounts on future product purchases.

Pay using Stripe Payment

Stripe currently powers millions of businesses in over 100 countries. This release of Elite mCommerce allows businesses to integrate the Stripe payment platform for securely accepting payments from customers.

Compare Products

This new feature allows customers to compare products of similar categories and view their price and other product specifications. Customers will be able to compare up to four products at once.


Elite mCommerce store apps can now recommend previously purchased items to simplify the ordering process for customers who order the same products regularly. Reordering also provides a personalized shopping experience to customers.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Elite mCommerce now supports marketplace apps where multiple sellers can showcase their products, including features to serve individual sellers such as logins for sellers, location-based selling, commission management, and customer reviews.

Location-based Seller Options

Sellers can now set a geographic location and sell only to buyers within a geographic area.

Seller Accounts

Mobile app logins for individual sellers so they can manage their store, products, and orders.

Multi-seller Ordering

Customers on the marketplace app can choose to order products from multiple sellers and proceed to payment at one go. This gives flexibility to sellers and allows customers to proceed to payment with their shopping carts loaded with products from multiple sellers.

Commission Management

Marketplace owners are free to define their own commission for different sellers. They can choose to define the commission based on sellers or product categories.

Review & Ratings

Giving a chance for customers to be heard increases customer engagement and satisfaction. This also helps sellers get genuine reviews of the products they sell on the marketplace platform. Customers will now be able to go through peer reviews on the products that will help them make a better purchasing decision.

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