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eGrove announces the release of Elite Site Optimizer 3.2 – Adds Accessibility, User experience & Code audit functions for complete web-channel optimization.

PARLIN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 21, 2019 / — eGrove Systems, a pioneer in the web and eCommerce application development and online omnichannel optimization arena has announced the release of Elite Site Optimizer 3.2, that includes functionalities to manage accessibility and code audit.

“Elite Site Optimizer 3.0 was focussed on website optimization predominantly from the SEO standpoint.” said the Product Head. He added, “Our experience in optimizing hundreds of websites, and countless valuable interactions with customers from a diverse background helped us spot the need for combining our existing functionalities of identifying SEO issues and optimization opportunities with accessibility, user experience, and coding standards.”

Release highlights:

Web Accessibility Testing

Elite site optimizer identifies the accessibility issues using the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines. ESO covers Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) attributes to make the website more accessible to disabled users.

Coding Standards

Elite Site Optimizer checks for W3C standard compliance on the code audit. Assess the HTML code of the web page against W3C code validator functions. Code audit report identifies errors at all levels from fatal to normal in terms of criticality.

User Experience

Monitor the user experience based on the samples taken for several metrics. The key metrics used to arrive at user experience score are Time to first byte, Time to load a page, Time to load the full visible page and Time to first interaction. These sample data are compared with the standard satisfied and tolerable timings.

Look out for these Key Features in Elite Site Optimizer 3.2:
Web Accessibility
User experience monitoring
Code audit reports
Website Performance Monitoring
PDF Accessibility
Look out for a couple of the more irresistible powerful features in Elite Site Optimizer’s next release that are a work in progress now. Yes! We will soon announce the official inclusion of keyword research and backlink audit functionalities in ESO.

End to End Website Optimization:

Elite Site Optimizer is a robust website optimization tool to help smart digital marketers identify the performance of their website on the whole to derive actionable insights. Some of the significant reports you should look for are Missed SEO opportunities, SEO health, site accessibility, and W3C coding compliance. Use these to streamline your strategies to appear better than your competitors on the SERP.

We care about your ROI, and Elite Site Optimizer will facilitate translating your online efforts into meaningful numbers and result in improving your overall user experience.

Every business is in need of a complete website optimizer to help them improve the user experience on desktop and mobile devices. Elite Site Optimizer 3.2 is our answer to this need.”

— Krish Govindraj, CEO – eGrove Systems

About eGrove systems:

The eGrove system is a pioneer in e-commerce, website optimization, and digital marketing. Headquartered in New Jersey, eGrove delivers the best-in-class solutions specific to the client requirements and industry verticals, helping them attain their business goals, effortlessly. eGrove is an ISO 9001:2015 QMS and ISO 10002:2014 Customer Satisfaction Management certified organization.
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