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PayPal Gateway Module

PayPal Gateway Module for Checkout process in PrestaShop Store

Establishing an eCommerce website to run your business is a great marketing tool. It facilitates you to let your customers know about your new products and services that you want to offer. Above all, integrating the PayPal Gateway Module to access an efficient payment processing remains to be the key aspect in setting up your eCommerce site. And also absorbs a new customer base that could help to enhance your profits.

PayPal Gateway Module

To put it simply, a payment gateway is a system that transmits the payment information of the customers from the website to the merchant processor in a secure manner. It is an e-commerce service provider that authorizes online payment transactions easily. The PrestaShop PayPal Modules collect, encrypt, and securely transmit the credit card information to the merchant account for accepting the payment.

What is PayPal payment gateway?

Generally known for its seamless integration with the PrestaShop site, the ease-of-use of PayPal makes the preferred choice of a majority of eCommerce merchants for accepting online payment. PayPal is a good choice for your online business. This helps you get the hassle of selling and processing payments online. PayPal offers an all-in-one service where you can integrate the payment gateway and merchant processor at one place. The advantage of this payment gateway is that you need not have to manage two separate accounts. Also, PayPal services boast of a flat rate based on your sales volume. The benefit here is that irrespective of which credit card is used by customers like MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express, you get charged a same flat rate.

Process of PrestaShop PayPal payment

The PrestaShop PayPal Payment Gateway passes on the encrypted billing data to merchant processor who in turn routes this data to the credit card network. Then the credit card network verifies whether the customer’s credit card is valid. This has enough funds to meet the transaction and then notifies to the payment gateway, which communicates with your eCommerce site. If customer transaction approves, then the merchant processor will pass on your orders to your bank account. This debits the money for the purchase made. This has interface with the PrestaShop PayPal gateway module, the customers credit card network and bank account. Thus, it streamlines the method to accept credit card payments.


A number of options available to eCommerce businesses looking to make their products and services accessible. The most important feature to look into is to offer a hassle free check out facility for customers. Apart from PrestaShop eCommerce Addons/Modules that are accessible to make the eCommerce site more functional and attractive. Thus the most essential feature that any eCommerce site ought to have is an efficient payment gateway system.

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