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  • website hack

    Getting to know about a website hack

    Post Views: 6,513

    Website hack has been on the rounds for quite some time. Though we are cautious while we key in sensitive information over the internet, at times...

  • Django Development

    How Beneficial Is Django for the Existing Python Developers

    Post Views: 16,110

    As a robust server side scripting language, Python makes it simpler for developers to develop high-performing websites immediately. The object-oriented programming language encourages Django development of...

  • Networking

    How to Use Networking Events to Build, Maintain and Grow Your Business

    Post Views: 9,588

    Pretty much everyone can benefit from being a bit more social - even creative types like comedians. For example, Jimmy Fallon is said to be...

  • Xero API Integration

    Xero (Online Accounting Software) API Integration

    Post Views: 11,656

    In general, Xero API Integration entrant in developing field of cloud-based accounting, and the company’s developers lead the curve with product updates every 3-6 weeks....