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This Delivery Policy (“Delivery Policy” or “Policy”) describes the services deliverables and the delivery process policy of eGrove to its Clients. This policy is part of and incorporates by reference the Terms of use, privacy policies, other policies, guidelines, disclaimer, and other agreements that can be found on our website. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Use (“Agreement”) page to understand the terms and reference described in this Policy.

eGrove may revise this Delivery Policy at any time by updating this posting. You should visit this page periodically to review this Delivery Policy.

  • All the services delivery will be given to the clients based on the delivery terms and deliverables agreed with the client in the respective Statement of Work
  • eGrove shall provide the Client with copies of relevant source code, SQL data schema and other deliverables as agreed in the respective project’s Statement of Work upon receipt of the final payment as defined in Project’s Payments Terms
  • eGrove is not liable for any losses caused by any software that is created for the client. Though we take every care to ensure the Software products are accurate and error-free, the ultimate responsibility remains with the Client to ensure that all products and software are functioning properly before use.
  • eGrove may use a shared infrastructure environment or servers unless specifically expressed through the agreement for a dedicated hosting environment.
  • However, eGrove shall at all times during the provision of the Services to the Client use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that any data stored or processed by eGrove in respect of the Client is appropriately logically or physically segregated and protected from any unauthorized access by any party other than those authorized by the Client and the personnels from eGrove working on the Project. 
  • Where sites and applications are developed on servers that are not provided by eGrove, the Client will be responsible to provide and/ or seek any information, support, additional software and/ or co-operation relating to the server required for the application to be developed correctly. 
  • For developing large applications, the Client will be responsible for providing a suitable testing environment, identical to the Client’s final production environment.
  • eGrove does not provide any representations, warranties or assurances, or accept any responsibility or liability for the contents or accuracy of any electronic messages, notifications, filing, status or other documents transmitted to or from the eGrove services provided to the client.
  • Any application or programming pertaining to a website developed by eGrove, the Client is expected to fully test them before making the same generally available for use. eGrove will endeavor but not be obliged to correct errors, “bugs” or other issues that are found in the website developed by us after the site is live to meet the standards of the site’s function outlined in the brief.
  • Any development environment that eGrove uses for the development may face downtime due to the following but not limited to software upgrades, maintenance, software updates, and deployment. For any scheduled maintenance eGrove will send out the scheduled maintenance notifications. Other than the scheduled maintenance downtime, any outages that may happen will be resolved by the eGrove support team using its best efforts. 
  • The overall performance of the eGrove utilized to deliver the Services to client is largely dependent upon the performance of third-party networks and services including information technology,  communication networks, including Client’s own systems, the general internet, dedicated networks, and associated networks
  • All systems and applications are administered by personnel of eGrove and/or its affiliates. All systems are hardened using industry standard procedures.
  • For any issues related to the delivery or application or services support the Client can contact their account managers or contact via support system – or through email For critical support the client can contact via Phone at +1-732-307-2655 during business hours: 11.30 PM EST to 8.30 AM EST on weekdays: Monday through Friday excluding holidays

If you have any questions about this Delivery Policy, you can contact us at: