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A3 Chat


A3Chat is a chat application developed using Python & DjangoThis application can be used by website owners to chat with their customers at any time, any place, and any way. Website owners can access the application through mobile devices without installing any app through mobile browsers. This application has 3 different modules: Administrator module, Company (Owner) module and Agent module.



Features Implemented in A3Chat

  • MyA3Chat is a patent-awaiting innovative chat application for service website visitors
  • Technologies used: Python 2.7, Django 1.4, Pusher.js, JQuery, AJAX, MySQL, Braintree API, Twilio API
  • Important features implemented are agents group accounts, agent users accounts, assigning department to each agents, chat forwards, chat log/history, canned responses, triggers & alerts, subscription-based billing per agent account
  • If logged in, agents can check the chats in web interface
  • If not logged in, any chat requests will be sent by SMS to desired phone number


  • Website Development 95% 95%
  • WordPress Plugin 97% 97%