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Enterprise Instore Kiosk App


eGrove Systems developed a mobile app for Basics Life Enterprise Kiosk Instore app. It is an iOS mobile application built as a part of the Omni channel facility for the business. The customers can access these kiosks available at the store and can browse the large variety of the inventory and options available in that Kiosk. They can even order products that are not available in the store as delivery later. They can also make orders by paying at the store and getting delivery later. Using this mobile app integrated with the website, the customers can also set up store pickup for their orders. This app also enables the customer to synchronize with their profile and browsing experience and give personalized recommendations and product suggestions. The customers can also get special discounts and coupons at these Kiosks. The customers can even return products at a store whether they purchased them online or at another franchise. This Kiosk Online POS app enables the retail outlet to display all the variety of products from their inventory in their smaller showroom, meaning a virtual space for selling. The app uses the Ruby on Rails and Spree Commerce 3.0 as backend and uses iOS + Objective-C as the frontend.



  • Two step authentication – login using mobile number and OTP verification.
  • Display of large inventory of product catalog using paging and local storage.
  • Display of Product images using Content Delivery Network + cache and displays high resolution images.
  • Discount promotions and coupon codes.
  • Advanced search and filter options.
  • Store locator to view other stores and their locations.
  • App as custom product labels or ribbons for differentiating products with labels like Sale, Offer, and New.
  • Implemented secured payment gateway for customers with no wait at POS counters.
  • Integrated Multiple Payment Gateways like PayU, PayUMoney Wallet, Paytm Wallet, MobiKwik Wallet, AMEX and PayPal etc.



Objective C, SQLite, XCode7, Core Data, Ruby 2.2.1, Ruby on Rails 3.0, PGSQL 9.3, Amazon Web Services


Basics life Enterprise Kiosk Instore app is an iOS mobile application built as a part of the Omni-channel facility for the business.