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Flavors Of My City

Flavors of my city


Flavors of my city is an eCommerce website where customers can purchase food and snacks.

The information like Product, Stock,  and Customer are updated from the SAP system. An automatic scheduled product upload is implemented on this website.

The website has a guest checkout option where the customer can purchase the product without entering a password. A reward point system is implemented for building the loyalty of customers.

Customers can check their product availability in their location through zip codes.


Features Implemented in Flavors Of My City

  • Responsive theme Integration
  • Theme customization
  • Blog has been implemented for SEO
  • Product Rating and Review Management
  • Product Label, Stickers Implementation in product pages
  • Implemented Customer Loyalty and Reward Point feature
  • Implemented product availability check based on Zip code
  • Integrated SMS Gateway
  • Testimonial Management
  • Push New Order details to ERP using Web services
  • Scheduled Automatic Product upload
  • AWS Setup & Deployment



  • Website Development 100% 100%