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Headwear24 is an Open Source eCommerce Software-based eCommerce website where wholesalers can purchase products as required and can handle more than one hundred thousand products. Website has been implemented using Open Source eCommerce Software Community Edition software to handle the volume of visitors.

The website has been implemented with CRON for product, stock and order update from a third party (iSync) database. The speed optimization is implemented on various levels such as caching, Nginx web server, MySql optimization, etc.The product stock can be easily identified in various cities’ warehouses. Users can pay money after 30 days of their purchase.


Features Implemented in Headwear

  • Importing data such as products, customers, orders and price using Cron from a third party database called iSync.
  • Mygate Payment Gateway integration
  • Website Performance Tuning & Optimization
  • QR Code Implementation
  • Advanced Navigation and filters
  • Email to Friend
  • Subdomain URL creation for the registered Search products using color criteria
  • Catalog view on various brand
  • Price list view
  • 30 Days delay payment feature



  • Custom Development 92% 92%
  • Module Development 97% 97%
  • Maintenance & Support 98% 98%