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Health Market

Health Market


Health Market is a Open Source eCommerce Software Marketplace website in Nigeria. Sellers can register as a seller and sell their medicines on the website. Customers can search the branded medicines and purchase medicines from different sellers, and are able to communicate with sellers for order queries via messaging system.

Sellers can sell the same product with different prices and customers can compare the rates with different sellers before purchasing the products.


Features Implemented in Health Market

  • Implemented Seller signup and login.
  • Implemented Separate Seller panel for seller information, products management, order management, shipping and commission payment.
  • Implemented brand url option to list the brand specific products.
  • Implemented Customer, seller and admin messaging system
  • Implemented product Search by brand, keyword etc.,
  • Implemented Location-based shipping cost option using .csv sheets
  • Implemented Out of stock notification to customers


  • Website Development 100% 100%