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HUNTCR8 is an e-commerce website which is designed for Hunting Gadgets. This website has intelligent search functionality filters the products based on the Seasons, Hunting games and Hunting regions.
The major products details have been scrapped from major brands in hunting gadgets which helps
the users to get what exactly they need for their Game.
User enters a website, taking a short quiz related to potential hunting which is to detect the appropriate clothes and accessories for the hunting experience(type of animal, time of the year, US region, clothing size, preferred brand, etc.)


Features Implemented in HUNTCR8

  • Implemented Quiz management
  • Product data are scraped from major hunter sites
  • Product keyword search implemented
  • User can Checkout as Guest
  • Checkout as Registered user are implemented
  • Implemented PayPal for Payment transaction



  • Website Development 100% 100%
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