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eGrove Systems developed the E-governance Today mobile app, a mobile media platform specifically designed for news about government and governance in Nigeria with references to the global community. It serves as a compendium and reference library for stories about governance at the levels of the residency, state governments, the judiciary, and legislature. E-Governance Today is therefore a meeting point where Nigerians and lovers of Nigeria visit to know all about governance. Nigerians love to hear about issues directly from relevant stakeholders. E-Governance Today entertains guests regularly in exclusive interviews.



  • Real-time synchronization of news from website to mobile app users.
  • Categorization of news.
  • Preference settings by app users based on like category of news.
  • Push notifications and settings for push messages based on user preferences.
  • Post comments, rate news via mobile app.
  • Create your own news and submit it to eGovernance Today Editor for review and publishing (iReport).



Android Java, Objective C, WordPress CMS, WordPress REST Framework, AJAX, SQLite, MySQL, Core Data


EGovernance Today is a news agency that displays different news about the African region. It curates news from different sources and presents it to viewers with a categorized news display.


  • News Media & Publishing
  • Content Management Application
  • Mobile App

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