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Surfly is a cutting edge co-browsing solution. Without installing any local software, a user’s web browsing session can be shared with anyone. Co-browsing offers Internet retailers an extremely easy way to provide customer support or technical support staff. Surfly is a powerful tool to assist users of web-based applications.

Surfly can be used as a sales tool which will improve your conversion and ensure the ultimate customer experience by working together with customers in selling products like financial services, online travel, e-commerce and cloud applications. Surfly can be used as a remote sales tool to sell your products and services. With co-browsing you can finalize all the steps in the sales process including form filling and signing. Your customers do not have to download or install anything, it works directly on their browsers.

Surfly can be used as a service tool which provides better and effective customer support by getting a real-time look on your customer’s screen. Support agents can work together with customers to fill in forms, change account settings or purchase items online.

The front end of this website was implemented using AngularJS. The backend was implemented using Python and Django technologies. Surfly uses the VoxImplant Video chat tool and Socket programming using Python for real-time chat application in Surfly.



  • Meeting management feature to create/schedule meetings and invite the meeting participants.
  • Video and Audio conferencing call feature by integrating with VoxImplant API.
  • Phone conferencing feature by integrating with VoxImplant API.
  • Text, voice chatting system with file sharing feature.
  • Event management feature to create events and share the events.
  • Recurring payment implementation using Stripe API.
  • Custom billing and invoice calculation feature.
  • Reseller module for increasing website visibility.
  • Agents module to collaborate with companies.
  • Subscription plans and restricted functionality depending on the plan..
  • REST based APIs and web-hooks implementation.
  • API documentation using Apiary.
  • Continuous integration test cases using Travis service.
  • Created test cases and executed with Selenium Web Driver.


Python 2.7, Django 1.7, PostgreSQL, Angular JS, React JS, Redis, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter bootstrap, VoxImplant Video/ Audio Chat API, Socket I/O, Selenium Web driver, Travis CI, Apiary, Stripe API, Django REST framework


Surfly was founded in 2012 with the business goal of building an international team of highly skilled developers to offer a high quality screen sharing service to the internet retailers.


  • IT Software (Web Browser screen sharing tool)
  • Support Utility
  • Sales & Marketing


  • United States