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T-Burger Station

T Burger Station


T-Burger is an Italian-based chain of restaurants that came to us with a business problem of managing their restaurants’ orders from one location of their business and wanted to provide a capability for their restaurants to accept orders from their customers’ mobile phones. eGrove developed a sophisticated  mobile application for T-Burger. After launching this Restaurant Mobile App it enabled their customers to order home-made burgers, cakes, beverages, etc. This multi-store mobile app connects several chains of food restaurants to accept online orders through both web and mobile apps. The T-Burger app can accept Cash-on-Delivery and credit card payments. eGrove used its proprietary product, Elite mCommerce mobile app, for providing a solution to T-Burger’s business problem. The app also features such as support for multi-language, multi-store, and rule-based banner display conditions for products and categories, sections, and more.



  • Developed a multi–store feature that enables users to switch between stores of T-Burger.
  • Added feature for Multi-language feature.
  • Implemented rule based product and category banners display on the mobile app store.
  • Developed custom address book feature with custom fields.
  • Integrated PayPal and Cash-on-Delivery payment gateway feature.


Magento, MySQL, Objective C, Android Java, XCode, Core Data


The client T-Burger Station started their business in 1996 and their first restaurant was opened in a historic building in central Rome. This store was recreated inside an American station.