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  • Ruby On Rails Development Services
Ruby on Rails (ROR), is an open source web application framework written in Ruby. Rails is a Model–View–Controller (MVC) framework and it provides default structures for the database, web service, and web pages. This ensures the building of applications faster and easier. Rails support development for the web, mobile or other customized applications. Ruby on Rails development offers many advantages over other traditional web technologies. Rails programming emphasizes a very conventional and standard approach to developing best web applications. Spree Commerce, one of the best and the light-weight eCommerce solution developed on Rails framework gives power to merchants to launch their online stores instantly. The Rails framework provides an easy way to solve many web application requirements of today’s needs.

Spree Commerce

The Spree Commerce development services include a plethora of offerings which forms the gamut of services provided to the end customers i.e. the retail stores. It comprises the end to end software, consisting of the following modules.

  • Spree eCommerce store development (this is the mainstream product which manages the store operations – all other products complement with this one).
  • Spree store customization (based on the particular retail store).
  • Installing and configuring the spree on a ruby on rails application.
  • Installing the mandatory gem files and extensions which are nothing but pre-defined libraries.
  • Customize the gem files and extensions to meet the specific needs of the customers.
  • Customization of the spree store based on the needs of the customers.
  • Theme development & integration.
  • Migration of the developed application to spree commerce.
  • Support and maintenance operations.

Technologies we worked on

Spree Commerce


AWS Elastic Cache
Active Admin with Twitter Bootstrap



At eGrove, we understand the constraints of Rails and we know how to empower it with other architectures and technologies so as to give solutions to achieve business objective. eGrove Rails developers know how to meta-programming as we harness it and apply it to best use. We have deep practical knowledge with Ruby on Rails. Our Ruby on Rails developers can build custom web applications for clients and help organizations solve unique business problems. We have developed customized applications for entrepreneurs with visions for improving business productivity. Most of our new solutions provided to our clients are developed using Ruby on Rails platform as it helped eGrove to deliver better solutions, faster. Our Rails developers have the passion for creative, user-driven development and also help clients to solve many complex business problems. Our Rails developers have plenty of Ruby on Rails experience. We always look out for the next big thing.

How We Work?

Our developers always follow best practices. Below is a brief explanation of how we work:
  • Agile Project ManagementAgile Project Management
  • Follow DRY principle and ensure faster developmentFollow DRY principle and ensure faster development
  • Follow best practices and coding conventionsFollow best practices and coding conventions
  • Implement security & SEO compliances alwaysImplement security & SEO compliances always
  • Code reuse via our Rails GEM libraryCode reuse via our Rails GEM library
  • Follow Unit testing and Issue tracking systemsFollow Unit testing and Issue tracking systems
  • Source Code Version control systemSource Code Version control system
  • DocumentationDocumentation

How to get started with eGrove

For any business looking for the best development services on Ruby on Rails, eGrove is the place to be! eGrove has an extremely interactive website wherein clients can post their requirement and can request a quote. The customer support team would provide high quality and reliable services to clients.


Why eGrove?


All our ROR developers are 4+ years of experience

Dedicated Project Managers

A Dedicated project manager will be assigned for each project

SEO Compliance

Secure & SEO compliance eCommerce website


Seamless communication with our developer


Get best in class client support

Affordable Pricing

Get value added services at a lesser price

100% Confidentiality

We follow strict NDA terms and 100% Confidentiality assured

On Time deliveries

We plan ahead and make on-time deliveries always


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