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Authorize.Net Technical Updates

Authorize.Net is a payment gateway service contributor allowing merchants to accept credit card and eGrove Authorize.Net Certified Developerelectronic check payments on their website. It uses one of the best encryption techniques in the world and also uses the most recent SSL secure sockets to guarantee safe and secure transactions on the website. Authrorize.Net is used by over 195,000 merchants, making it one of the largest payment gateway provider. Authorize.Net Technical Updates offers three methods of payment integration: Simple Integration Method (SIM), Advanced Integration Method (AIM) and Automated Recurring Billing (ARB).

As a certified Authorize.Net developer, eGrove Systems Corporation’s expertise team is fully qualified in the different methods of payment integration.

We provide each and every client with tailored attention suitable for their project, despite the project dimension and scope. We also perform custom integration based on your specifications.

In next few months, going to make several updates in payment system and the list of updates as follows,

  • Akamai SureRoute Reminder
  • RC4 Cipher Disablement
  • Transaction and Batch ID Reminder
  • TLS Remediation for PCI DSS Compliance 

Akamai SureRoute Reminder

In payment solution, Akamai is currently optional to route all server traffic. But it will be mandatory starting from June 30th, 2016. Merchants should update their websites or payment solutions to make use of the Akamai’s benefits.

If the merchant’s solution uses a firewall, please refer the Akamai update to avoid disruptions in the transaction process – To Know More 

RC4 Cipher Disablement

In an effort to ensure that all of the merchant’s server-to-server communications with the Authorize.Net platform will maintain the highest levels of security, will be disabling the RC4 cipher suite during the first half of 2016. As of now, if merchants have a solution that relies on RC4 to communicate with servers, please update it to a current, high-security cipher as soon as possible. Please refer this blog post for more information, To Know More 

Transaction and Batch ID Reminder

As per the recent updates, now it will be possible to receive Authorize.Net IDs like Transaction ID, Batch ID, etc. are in non-sequential order. In case if merchant’s websites have any functionality that expects Authorize.Net-generated IDs to be sequential, then update it immediately for a smooth functioning of the system. Additionally, please make sure that the solution does not restrict any Authorize.Net ID field to 10 digits. If it’s required to define a limit when storing any of Authorize.Net IDs, the limit should be an unsigned integer (up to 20 digits).

TLS Remediation for PCI DSS Compliance will be disabling TLS 1.0 in a sandbox and will be in production early 2017. TLS 1.2 is currently the strongest available protocol, and strongly urge all merchants and developer partners to use it for their API integrations.

For more information, refer this blog post- To Know More

Download Authorize.Net Technical Updates- Click here

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