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Magento Ad Banner Display Based on Geo Location

Advertisement banners are the ornaments of a website. It is the powerful mode that helps to persuade customers to buy the products or services. There is a general conjecture among website owners that creating a banner is not easy, but with the right service provider and designing programs, creating ad banners is a breeze.

Magento – The most popular eCommerce platform

Magento is one of the most popular and powerful eCommerce platform widely used to create amazing and attractive eCommerce websites. With the rising importance of the eCommerce business store, a strong online presence has become imperative. Magento has a strong technical team that is always keen on creating new extensions and improvisations. More than 198,000 online store merchants prefer Magento eCommerce platform for their online business.

The Ad Banner Display Based on Geo Location module is an appropriate add-on for your Magento site. By using this extension, site owners can add, edit and delete banners on their web pages. Various banners can be created for customers and wholesalers separately as this extension identifies the visitor based on the registered id. Apart from this there is an exceptional feature that allows banners to be displayed based on the geo location. For instance, if a person from China is viewing your website, the related banner designed for Chinese visitors will be displayed. Similarly, if another visitor is from the U.S., then that corresponding banner will be displayed.

This is possible as this Magento Modules identifies the site visitor’s location based on the geo location IP address. The visitors will be delighted and will have a clear understanding about the content described in the website. This feature can of displaying the ad banner based on the geo location can be enabled or disabled by the merchant.

Features of Ad Banner Display Based on Geo Location module

  • Allows site owners to add new banners, edit and delete banners
  • The site owner can choose to place the banners anywhere on the website page
  • Can select pages where you required the banners to be displayed
  • Merchants can select “Allow all countries” option to enable visitors from all the countries to view the banner or can select “Specific countries” option to restrict the banner from being displayed to visitors from certain countries
  • The “Banner Display Settings” allows to enable or disable the display of banners

Advertisement is the strength of a website which exerts a positive influence on the visitors to make purchases. It serves as the spotlight for your e-store and the mirror for the products that are available in your store. This Magento module is the perfect choice for any website and is bound to attract visitors from all over the world.

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