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Drupal Payment Module

Drupal Payment Module to process Secured Checkout in Online

Everyday internet records millions of payment transactions. Are all payment processes secure? Most of the people believe that processing payments via online are not safe. Hence, they hesitate to make purchases via online shopping. Thanks to the dedicated developers who offer thousands of Drupal Payment Module. Customers need not worry anymore regarding online payments. There are modules needed for eCommerce website development through Drupal integration with payment gateways such as Cyber Source, Authorize.Net, PayPal, First Data, eWay, WorldPay, iTransact, Link Point, Google, etc.

A payment gateway is a link between customers and merchants to process all electronic payment transactions. Plenty of payment gateways are ready to provide their services to the users. Each payment gateway provides a different type of payment solutions to meet all the business needs of the merchant. So, merchants can choose a perfect payment gateway from all these choices based on their business requirements. With the help of payment gateways, merchants can process all payment transactions without any worries.

Drupal – The Best Choice for your Business:

Drupal Payment Module is one of the most popular open source content management system (CMS). This payment module is used for building efficient and effective websites on the internet. Around the globe, communities of active and diverse web developers support Drupal. Anyone can work with Drupal to create interactive, dynamic and powerful web backend solutions with the basic knowledge of PHP. PHP is extremely user-friendly and it is compatible with MAC, Linux, Windows, and other Operating Systems. The database system for Drupal is MySQL to serve the storage requirements.

With Drupal Payment Module, an easy to install and use CMS, one can create amazing websites with excellent products, rich features, blogs, forums, rich content, etc. Drupal has many rich features to help improve the performance of your website. One of the excellent features is that Drupal supports many payment gateways to make the payment process more flexible and secure. The following paragraphs explain the Drupal integration with payment gateways such as PayPal Payments Advanced, First Data GGe4 Hosted, PayPal Website Payments Pro Hosted, and First Data GGe4.

Drupal First Data GGe4: Drupal integrates with First Data Global Gateway e4 payment gateway to provide secure payment services to the customers. First Data GGe4 is an international payment gateway which has the ability to process thousands of payment transactions every day. It collects all the credit card details from the customers and checks for validity. Then it passes the information to First Data in a secure way to process the payment transactions.

Drupal PayPal Payments Advanced: PayPal is a leading payment gateway which processing the payment transactions globally. It provides payment services in many countries around the globe. Drupal combines with PayPal Payments Advanced to process the full payment transactions without redirecting the customers to the payment gateway site. It embeds an iframe in the checkout process to collect the credit card details from the customers. Further, it processes the payment transactions through PayPal Advanced payment gateway integration. PayPal takes care of the security of payment transaction without the support of SSL.

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Drupal First Data GGe4 Hosted: First Data GGe4 hosted is an excellent payment gateway which provides suitable payment solutions to the users. It’s easy integration Drupal provide a seamless checkout experience to the customers. It allows merchants to process credit card transactions online via a secure payment page hosted by First Data. Are you a merchant with limited technical knowledge? then, this extension is a great option for you. Merchants who do not accept store credit card information for security reasons will find the First Data GGE4 hosted payment extension useful. The extension reduces the PCI requirements significantly.

Drupal PayPal Website Payments Pro Hosted: Website Payments Pro Hosted solution allows the merchant to accept credit cards in the eCommerce store for secure payment. It accepts all cards include Visa, MasterCard, Switch/Maestro, and Solo credit cards in the United States and the United Kingdom. Website Payments Pro Hosted integrated with Drupal to provide seamless checkout without worrying about PCI compliance. It embeds an iframe to process the full payment transactions. It helps the merchant to accept all credit cards from the customers and process the payments through PayPal. PayPal Transaction ID will be displayed on purchases log once the payment is completed successfully.

These payment modules are widely put to use in Drupal Development. You can integrate these payment gateways with your store with the help of the excellent development team. By using these modules in the online store, the merchant can run a successful online business without any worries about the payment process.

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