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Credit Card processing in Online Store using PayPal Gateway

When it comes to setting up an online business process, it necessitates you to integrate eCommerce Modules such as Paypal Gateway processors to your site. Since you and your customers need to greatly depend on the services extended by these payment processors, opting for the right payment processor can differentiate between a successful and poor online business. In order to assist you to access which among the array of payment processors you must partner with, here are a few helpful information about the PayPal payment processor.

Why online business prefers PayPal Gateway?

As one of the reputed payment processors used across the world, PayPal has been proven to be a very reliable payment avenue for customers. The PayPal Credit Card Payment Modules also feature built-in shopping cart, subscriptions, multiple currency transactions, payment notification, customized payment pages, refunds, invoicing, auto return and integrated shipping. With all these immaculate features, PayPal can certainly assist online businesses to make their e-commerce business a very successful one.

How does a payment gateway work?

The payment gateway acts as the link of communication between your site, your customer, your customer’s payment account, as well as your payment account.

  • When customers choose PayPal, it will prompt to sign in to their account at the next step. If payment is done using a credit card, they need to fill out the credit card number, expiry, and security code.
  • The payment gateway then contacts the payment provider; this could either be to sign in with PayPal and choose the method of payment or to submit the transaction to the credit card network. The credit card network then routes the transaction to the party that has issued the credit card to the customer.
  • Once the funding source of the customer is approved or declined the transaction based on the available funds of the customer. The transaction results passes on to PayPal or to the credit card processor.
  • The transaction results stores by PayPal and a transaction ID sends to the website. Through this payment gateway where the customer and merchant can view the transactions.

Major PayPal payment options

PayPal Payment Standard

This is a hassle free way to start accepting credit cards online. With a simple integration into your shopping cart will enable customers to pay securely and easily. Because PayPal seamlessly integrates with a plethora of compatible shopping carts or custom-built storefronts. Merchants are not having a shopping cart can easily set up the free PayPal Shopping Cart. This integrates the PayPal Standard payment processor to start receiving payment from customers.

To know more, Download: PrestaShop PayPal Payments Advanced Module

PayPal Payments Pro

This is an all -inclusive payment solution offers a comparable feature to merchant accounts, through a single provider. By using this service, customers are able to make payment using credit card. They can also stay on your site for the entire transaction process. Also, the Website Payments Pro integrates with a number of popular shopping carts.

To know more, Download: PrestaShop Paypal Website Payments Pro Hosted Module


When setting up an online store, the first consideration is which payment processing services to use. Get support from eCommerce development agency who offers PayPal gateway processing option. This will enable you to choose the best payment processor that suits your needs.

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