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Do Payment Transactions With Payeezy First Data For Magento 2

Payeezy First Data, smart and easy way to endure transactions online. Customers pay in their currency, and it’s dynamically converted into yours. Actually, Payeezy Gateway makes it easy to accept a wide range of payments and manage your payment transactions anytime, anywhere. The Payeezy Direct API module lets you give your buyers a seamless user experience by enabling them to pay directly on your shop – no redirection. Therefore, Payeezy Payment Gateway Module enables customers to pay immediately on the shop, with any card, in their native currencies, providing impressive security features and easier integration. This module does not save any card details on the shop. Also, allows merchants to process payments for orders placed via the Magento admin area too.

How the Module Works?

• Buyer clicks checkout and enters the billing/shipping details.
• Displays the payment option for the buyer.
• The buyer selects ‘Credit Card (Payeezy)’ option.
• To enter the payment details, a credit card form in shown to the buyer.
• The buyer will enter the details and click ‘Place Order.’
• The module sends this information to Payeezy using Direct API, without storing it anywhere in the shop.
• Payeezy will respond with fail or success.
• On success, the transaction data is stored in the order, and the buyer is shown the success page.
• On error, the buyer is shown the fault message and will remain on the checkout page so that they can make the required changes and try again.

eCommerce platforms are in vogue today due to offering massive convenience in day to day life. Thus, the competition also endures in the online retail business. Since, each company is striving to bring high quality in offering products and services, customer satisfaction in all way remains as the single tool to surpass among the competition and develop a solid platform for the business from where the business only get to nourish. If you are also one of the owners of online retail store and make huge money from repetitive shopping, then allow your e-business with payeezy first data module.

Payeezy First Data Supports

• Authorize now and Capture later: When processing the order, you can able to generate the invoice and capture the money.
• Authorize & Capture: Authorize, capture and generate invoice instantly.
• Void: Cancel unprocessed orders.
• Refund: Refund an order that has been prepared – that is invoice generated.
• Partial Refunds: If you are incapable to process the request fully you can repay a part of the order directly via the admin.


• Doesn’t store card details in the shop.
• Customers can pay straight in the shop, with any card, in their native currencies.

Unique Features

• Accepts credit card payments and process through First data gateway.
• Merchant can authorize only or authorize and capture the payment. Later can capture the amount from the firstdata account
• The extension does not store card information anywhere to pass PCI Compliance issues
• Supports Authorize, Capture, Purchase, Void & Refund
• Compatible with Magento versions 2.0.x


In conclusion, to increase your business online potential integrate Magento payeezy extension. It accepts credit card payments through first data global gateway e4. The extension is easy to install as well as compatible with different Magento version such as 1.6.x, 1.7 x, 1.8.x & 1.9.x. Apart from this, it accepts only authorized payments from the firstdata account and it assures complete security. Let your customers quickly and seamlessly check out on your site with First Data.

Payeezy First data for Magento 2 captures sales and reduces the cart abandonment by customers while making transactions. In short, it allows the customer to save their card details for future checkouts. The store owners also benefit from great features like enhanced forms at checkout, support for subscriptions and capturing charges etc.,

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