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Magento PayPal Integral Evolution Module for France

To improve your customer services and minimize the delay in payments use the online payment method. The payment gateway allows the website to link the client payment account with the website’s account. It is an easy way to increase retention, grow loyalty, and improve customer satisfaction. These gateways ensure a secured way of transmitting the payment information between the customer and merchant and also between the merchant and the payment processor. eGrove offers Magento PayPal Integral Evolution Module to provide a seamless checkout experience for your customers without worrying about PCI compliance.

PayPal Integral Evolution is a payment platform allowing the merchants to receive the payments funded by card or PayPal account. PayPal, a global leader in online payments, hosted this solution. PayPal Integral Evolution is the best choice for the merchants who prefer a solution where all financial details are handled by PayPal. In addition to integral evolution, PayPal recommends that you implement the PayPal Express Checkout button on your website. The button appears much earlier in the payment flow and gives existing PayPal account holders the opportunity to use PayPal, thereby increasing the transaction completion rate.

The Magento Payment Module is an easy and secure way of accepting online credit card and PayPal payments without going through a gateway or setting up a merchant account. This extension allows you to connect easily to the PayPal Pro servers and process credit cards. Magento WPP Extension requires a fully functional online store. The module requires Business Merchant ID and PDN key. To install and configure this module, the module must have access to the section “Administration” of the shop and make sure to have access to the tab “Modules”. It is simple and quick to install.


  • The Magento Paypal module supports all major credit and debit cards.
  • The module accepts credit card payments directly on the website and process payments with a PayPal.
  • Supports PayPal Express Checkout for PayPal Account holders from your website
  • The module allows the users to stay on-site for the entire checkout process.
  • Can Send Shipping and Tax information to PayPal.
  • The module supports ‘Authorization & Capture’ or ‘Authorize Only’.
  • These features allow you to process the payment immediately or later in case if you have any doubts regarding the customer’s credit card details.
  • The merchant should not require to purchase an SSL certificate.
  • PayPal Transaction ID is displayed on purchases log, for successful payments
  • Customize the Payment form, Pay Now button and style, template from your Merchant Account, template configuration page for more visibility and to draw the attention of the customers.
  • The module protects your customers’ financial details from fraud and theft.
  • The Magento Paypal module supports Multicurrency. Hence you can attract more customers than the others.


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