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Grasp Customers to Store Using Magento Facebook Pack

Do you believe that 900 Million people are actively using a social networking site for their shopping purpose? Yes! It is happening only in FACEBOOK. It was initially termed as e-shopping, then it is migrated into social shopping and now it became the most often used word as “Facebook shopping”. Globally every e-commerce store owner started to keep rolling their eyes on the shoppers who make purchases exclusively via Facebook. Social e-commerce solutions are greatly looked upon in recent days just because of the massive popularity of social networks.

Facebook gives way for not only selling products but also helps in brand promotion. If Facebook can favour you with this list of advantages, wouldn’t be interesting if you could make up your store with Facebook extension?

Magento Facebook Complete Pack will allow your users to login through their Facebook login credentials which facilitate both to save customer’s time and a secured way of login. Facebook Like is an amazing feature which assists to build up the impact and also increases your store traffic. The more the likes you receive, the surplus customers you get. Facebook Send is a new feature which allows sending direct messages to a friend or a group on Facebook. Recent activity block is a new social plugin where it shows your recent activities to your customers. It is connected to your store and shows all the related activities such as Posts, Likes and Recommendations. All features are customizable and adjustable, including sizes, fonts and buttons.


  • Allows millions of Facebook users to access your site.
  • Plays a marketing role for every action.
  • Can send the product details by using the ’Send’ widget and that product will be posted in his/her friend’s profile.
  • User can like the products on the store where the product details will be posted in his/her friend’s wall.
  • For every purchase, the status will be updated on the user’s profile.
  • User can like the product where it can be made visible to all his/her friends.
  • Admin has an option for enable or disable the user’s profile pictures.
  • Admin also has an option to enable or disable the recommendation headers.
  • Admin also has an option to enable or disable the Find us on Facebook header.
  • Admin can also have the option to upload the Facebook login button image or can use the needed buttons.
Enhance your Magento Store and get millions of Users by having Magento Facebook Complete Pack

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